Happy Anniversary!

Tadd & I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary on Monday. I surprised him with a trip to the Beau Rivage to see Hall & Oates (the greatest band ever - according to Tadd). I asked for, and received, a Gel Pro mat for the kitchen. I've been wanting one for years but didn't want to spend the money. Well, Bed Bath & Beyond just started selling them so I gave Tadd a 20% off coupon and told him to get it for me!

I love it! It is so comfortable to stand on. The cats are scared of it right now; I am sure they will come around and be laying on it soon. It will really make a difference when I am baking. We are going back this weekend to get another one for in front of the sink (for Tadd).

Linguine and Prosciutto Frittatas

This recipe is from the Giada cookbook that I got for Christmas. I had never had a frittata with pasta in it and I thought it sounded interesting. This was easy to make. It smelled wonderful while it was cooking in the oven. The frittatas were really good. I would definitely make these again. These would be great at a brunch.


English Muffin French Toast


This is one of our favorite breakfast recipes.  I love English Muffins and this is no exception.  I mixed the egg and milk mixture up the night before and let the English Muffins soak in it overnight in the refrigerator.  Chicken Legs is the designated breakfast maker, and he does a great job grilling up the French Toast!  It is SO good and no one would ever know it was made with Egg Beaters!


Parmesan-Basil Biscuits

To go along with our FABULOUS Chicken Saltimbocca I whipped up these flavorful Parmesan-Basil Biscuits. I made the biscuit dough in my food processor and they took no time! These were really good. I might add Italian Seasoning next time instead of just basil. The description of the biscuits says this is a Weight Watchers recipe - nobody would guess it though!


Chicken Saltimbocca

If you liked the Chicken Piccata then you will love this Chicken Saltimbocca recipe!!! This is prepared very similarly to the picatta. You brown the chicken and then add sage, prosciutto and mozzarella on top. You top it with a simple white wine sauce. This was quick and easy to make. I will definitely be making this again. You must try it!!


Chicken Soft Tacos

This is a quick and easy weeknight meal. I thought it was really good. It only took about 5 minutes to dump everything into the crockpot before work and it was done when I got home. I served the tacos with black beans and some chicken fajita flavor Rice-A-Roni.



This is my "go-to" cheesecake.  Everyone raves about it.  I took it to work on time and people ran down the hallway to try and snag a piece!  My Mom got this recipe years ago from a parent that gave her the cheesecake as a gift. I have been making it ever since. The best thing about this cheesecake recipe is that you beat the egg whites and then fold them into the cheesecake batter. The result is a light and creamy cheesecake. You can't go wrong with this cheesecake!


Hershey's Best Brownies

I love brownies. I bought some amazing ice cream Friday - Blue Bell Snickerdoole - and I wanted to eat it with a brownie. I decided on Hershey's Best Brownies - I figured that I couldn't go wrong with a name like that and I was right! The brownies are perfectly chewy and chocolately! I used my Williams-Sonoma chocolate bar pan and the brownies turned out super cute!


Grilled Honey-Lime Chicken

This is supposed to be a copycat of the Cracker Barrel's grilled chicken tenderloins. I love the chicken tenders at Cracker Barrel. I have made this recipe in the past, but it has been YEARS ago. I decided to make these tonight and I am glad I did. The chicken was juicy and very flavorful - I could really taste the honey and lime. I'm not really sure if they taste like the Cracker Barrel, but it is really good! I wish I had extra!


Pampered Chef - Grilled Chicken Penne al Fresco & Three Cheese Garden Pizza

I went to a Pampered Chef party last night and we made some really great recipes - Grilled Chicken Penne al Fresco and Three-Cheese Garden Pizza. The pasta was wonderful and not a heavy pasta dish. The pizza was fantastic too! I took the cookies I made last night and the famous "crack" dip! YUMMY.


Sour Cream Sugar Cookies & Buttercream Frosting

Tadd said these cookies were AWESOME! They killed his first day of no junk food. Oh well, there is always tomorrow! I thought they were really, really good as well. I would make these again. My dough was too soft to roll out and cut shapes. I just rolled the dough into balls and flattened them with the bottom of a glass. I made the frosting green in honor of St. Patrick's Day tomorrow!


Lemon Cake

I've had this cake on my list for a while and I finally decided to make it tonight. I got some giant lemons at Fresh Market yesterday and used my microplane (finally!) to zest them. My lemons were huge - it only took 5 lemons to get 1/3 cup of zest. This cake was very moist and lemony. We really enjoyed it. I am taking the extra cake to work tomorrow.


War Eagle!

I got a new wine glass today and it is AUsome!!

I used it tonight in honor of the great run the Tigers had in the SEC basketball tournament.  Auburn played great!  It has been a LONG time since we were any good in basketball.  I hope they make the NCAA.

Brownies & New Packaging

Michele's birthday is this coming Sunday and I made her favorite Cookie Dough Brownies for her! I also bought some new cookie boxes to package my goodies in.  I got them from Nashville Wraps.  

I got these blue and brown stripes and I also got pink and brown striped boxes.  The ribbon is connected to the box.  The X-Large box held almost an entire 9x13 pan of brownies.  Pretty good!


Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!  I had a great birthday weekend.  I started celebrating on Friday afternoon by shopping at Ann Taylor and buying a new pair of shoes!   I shopped all day Saturday - Ann Taylor again and Pottery Barn.  We ate at Gianmarco's on Saturday night (best Italian in town!) and tonight is Superior Grill!! 

My cake was a mixture of Baby Bites from Pastry Art - strawberry, red velvet, vanilla & caramel.   The cake is so moist and the icing is wonderful!  This is my new favorite bakery.  I could eat these Baby Bites every day.  I think the Red Velvet is the best - I don't usually eat Red Velvet Cake but this is to die for!  They are the perfect size - you can eat 2 or 3 (or 6!) at a time and not feel bad!

Tadd gave me great presents - I got a new charm for my bracelet and a new Coach purse!

It was a great birthday!   

Chocolate Panna Cotta

This recipe is from my new Giada cookbook - Giada’s Kitchen: New Italian Favorites. I've had this on my list to make since Christmas. I took a half day off today, so I decided to make it!

It was simple to make. It took about 20 minutes to put together and an hour to bake. I let it cool for a couple of hours before we ate it.

This was really good. Kind of like a mousse/pudding/brownie. It looked really fancy, but it was a simple dessert. Beware - it is very rich. A little goes a long way!


Pioneer Woman Ranch Style Chicken

Bacon Cheddar Chicken - chicken marinated in homemade honey mustard, pan seared and topped with bacon and cheddar. I could eat this every week! Can also grill chicken if desired.

Holy Cow! This was good chicken!! Sweet & tangy and topped with bacon & cheese - what's not to like?!?!  Simple to make. I let it marinate overnight in the honey mustard mixture and it makes for a quick and easy weeknight meal.  All my favorite things!!  I love to make this during the week, but it is worthy of company.  I will be making this again!

Bacon Cheddar Chicken - chicken marinated in homemade honey mustard, pan seared and topped with bacon and cheddar. I could eat this every week! Can also grill chicken if desired.


Chicken Roll Ups

Chicken Roll Ups - chicken, cheese, milk, chicken soup and crescent rolls - Only 5 ingredients for a delicious weeknight meal that is ready in 30 minutes! I could eat the whole pan myself!!

This is one of my all-time favorite dishes.  My mom made these YEARS ago when I was in high school and I LOVED them! I have been making this dish for myself since I was in college. It is simple to make and really good!  I could eat the whole pan myself!

Chicken Roll Ups - chicken, cheese, milk, chicken soup and crescent rolls - Only 5 ingredients for a delicious weeknight meal that is ready in 30 minutes! I could eat the whole pan myself!!



It snowed on Sunday for the first time this winter. We actually got a good amount of snow - about 2 inches! That is a blizzard for Alabama!!

Here is Jack in the snow - he didn't like it!


Happy Birthday Mom!

It's a SNUGGIE!!!!!

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