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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Frosted Irish Cream Brownies

We went down to Auburn last weekend, and since St. Patrick's Day is coming up I decided to make a festive treat.  My Mom loves Bailey's Irish Cream, so I knew these would be the perfect treat.  These are really quick and easy.  Just substitute Irish Cream for the water in a brownie mix and top with an Irish Cream Buttercream Frosting.  They were really good!!  You could easily substitute other liqueurs - amaretto, peppermint schnapps, Kahlua, creme de banana...... Let the fun begin!

Max was my photography assistant

Frosted Irish Cream Brownies
adapted from Betty Crocker
(Printable Recipe)

Brownie Mix, eggs, oil
Irish Cream liqueur

1/2 cup butter, softened
2 cups powdered sugar
2-4 Tbsp Irish Cream liqueur
1/2 tsp vanilla
2-3 Tbsp milk

Prepare brownies in a 9x9 pan according to package directions, substituting Irish Cream for the water.  Allow brownies to cool completely.

Beat 1/2 cup butter in small bowl until light and fluffy. Beat in all remaining frosting ingredients, adding enough milk for desired spreading consistency. Spread over cooled brownies.

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  1. I'm a brownie fan and love the idea of substituting liquer's for the flavor. If you sprinkled a little green on Max, he'd match the brownies. :-)

  2. Will definitely be making some of these this week! Thanks for sharing! Teri Dingler

  3. What a cute assistant!

    Those look good!

  4. They look lovely and Max is so cute!

  5. I made these today also! My fiance loved them...and said that the frosting is the BEST frosting he has ever had in his life. Looks like another thing we will be keeping in our recipe box!


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