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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rhodes Rolls Braided Spaghetti Bake

I was recently asked to be a Guest Blogger on the new Rhodes Rolls blog.  I was very excited about this opportunity since we are major carb lovers in our house!  I chose to make Rhodes' Braided Spaghetti Bake as my first recipe.  Spaghetti baked inside garlic bread - Oh my!  It was fantastic!

Head on over to Rhodes Rolls blog and check out the recipe and step by step photos of the process.  (It is easy, just plan ahead to thaw the dough).

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  1. Your Bread Seems absolutely Yummy. Though the outer crust is savoury. But when segmented from the inner side, it luks all the more tasty. Thx for this yummy Italian recipe ( I guess). I am much familiar with the Indonesian Malaysian Cuisine.


  2. I'm a big fan of Rhoades products. Especially since baking is a challenge here at High Altitude. Heading over to take a look at the recipe. I'm making your Meatball sliders this evening for a gathering. They sound so good.

  3. WOW, very interesting.

    I think I would very much like that.

  4. It looks both beautiful and yummy!

  5. Everything looks amazing! Great job Steph!

  6. This rocks! What a very cool idea. Awesome.


  7. A must make for us. Trevor LOVES eating his spaghetti as a sandwich between two pieces of toast so this will rock his world.

  8. That looks awesome! How I wish I could get this on my next pizza delivery order. I'll have to try this out soon.


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