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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ranch Beer Cheese Dip

Here is another recipe for watching the Kentucky Derby this weekend. I've had this on my list of things to make for a while. I am so glad that I finally got around to making it. It was great! It was also really quick and easy! This would be great for tailgating, girls night or the beach. This makes a lot of dip, so we decided to put some on our burgers last week. YUM! SO good!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kentucky Hot Brown Burgers

The Kentucky Derby is this weekend. We aren't horse racing fans, but we always watch the Kentucky Derby. I actually prefer the food over all of it! Mint Juleps, Hot Browns, Derby Pie - I love all of it!

This is a twist on a Kentucky Hot Brown. A traditional Kentucky Hot Brown is roasted turkey, mornay sauce, bacon and tomatoes. I swapped out the roasted turkey for a burger and the result was amazing! I served the burgers on a pretzel bun - OMG, delicious! These are kind of messy, but totally worth it!

Here are a few of my other favorite Derby Party recipes:

Monday, April 28, 2014

Meow Monday




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Sunday, April 27, 2014

What's For Dinner?




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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pensacola, FL {Where to Eat & The National Naval Aviation Museum}

When we made our plans to go to Biloxi, I decided to add a day in Pensacola, FL onto the trip. Pensacola is only about an hour and a half from Biloxi, so it worked out great. 

This was my first trip to Pensacola. 
Chicken Legs used to travel this area, so he took me to all his favorite spots.

First stop, Peg Leg Pete's.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Lemon Garlic Marinade

We've had some beautiful weather the past few weekends. We've fired up the grill for lunch several times. We made this chicken last weekend, and it was SO delicious. The marinade is super simple and  has tons of great flavor. You can use any type of chicken you have on hand. We used chicken breasts, but this would also be delicious on chicken thighs or even drumsticks. A tip on grilling chicken breasts - pound the chicken to an even thickness before marinating. It helps to cook the chicken evenly and not have the skinny end dry out while waiting on the thicker end to cook.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tiramisu Love Cake

While this isn't a true "tiramisu" cake, it does have all the flavors of tiramisu. This is super easy to make. It starts with a box of cake mix (I used Duncan Hines) and adds a layer of sweetened ricotta cheesecake batter. The layers magically reverse while the cake bakes. The top layer is a mixture of Kahlua, chocolate pudding and cool whip. It was so light and delicious. I could just eat the top layer by itself! This is the kind of cake that gets better as it sits. It is a great dessert to make ahead for a party. We both "loved" this cake!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Disney's Le Cellier Wild Mushroom Beef Filet

This is another recipe from the Epcot Food and Wine Festival we attended back in October. We both loved this recipe at the festival and were excited to finally make it at home.  The original recipe prepares the steaks in a skillet. We decided to grill the steaks instead. Chicken Legs love to grill, plus it is less work for me! If you prefer to prepare the steaks on the stovetop, check out my recipe for Perfect Steakhouse Filets.

This was fantastic! I wanted to lick my plate! This takes a bit of time, but it is totally worth it. I loved every bite! This was my first time making a beurre blanc sauce, and it was much easier than I expected. It was mostly just waiting on it to reduce. The mushrooms were mostly hands off as well. You just roast them and then give them a quick sauté in the pan. This tasted just as good as the version we ate at the festival. We are dying to go back now!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ham & Cheese Waffle Sandwiches

Ham & Cheese Waffle Sandwiches Recipe - ham and cheese stuffed inside a refrigerated biscuit and cooked in the waffle iron. SO much fun to eat!!

Did everyone have a good Easter holiday? We spent the weekend in Auburn. We went to the spring football game on Saturday and spent time with my family. Chicken Legs and I grilled out when we got home. Overall, we had a really nice holiday.

Here is a quick recipe to use up some of that leftover holiday ham. We ate these for lunch yesterday, and they are delicious! If you don't have any Easter ham, you can use deli ham for these sandwiches. Either will taste great! The key to cooking these sandwiches in the waffle maker is to heat the waffle maker on medium-high heat. You don't want the waffle iron screaming hot, or the biscuits won't cook all the way through. These took about 3 minutes in my waffle iron. They were golden brown on the outside and the biscuits were fully cooked.

Ham & Cheese Waffle Sandwiches Recipe - ham and cheese stuffed inside a refrigerated biscuit and cooked in the waffle iron. SO much fun to eat!!

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