Flip-Flop Cake!

Friday, April 24, 2009
Last week one of my friends at work asked if I did cakes and could I make her a flip-flop cake for her daughter's birthday. I said sure! I've never made a flip-flop cake so I did a test run. I cut the cake in the shape of flip-flops, frosted it and used fruit roll-ups as the straps (found that idea on the internets). The result - it was ugly!!! Back to the drawing board! Tadd suggested fondant and using the straps from real flip-flops (he watches too much FoodTV with me). I tested it out and it was perfect! The cake turned out SO cute. I put a bag of graham cracker crumbs with the cake to use as sand when they display the cake.

I had a blast doing it. I already have a request for another flip-flop cake in June. Maybe one day I can live the dream and open "2 tsp Bakery"!

I also made some cupcakes. They were cute too. I suggested drink umbrellas as toppers at the party to go with the luau theme.

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