Happy Anniversary!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

This weekend is my parent's 40th wedding anniversary. We are all in Chattanooga for a 60th birthday party so I decided to surprise them with a little celebration! 

I made these cute champagne flutes and added tags with various wedding photos on them. I also made a wine tag for the Prosecco we toasted with. Tadd & I got them a gift card to Fleming's for their present.

I hope Tadd & I are lucky enough to make it to 40 one day. Only 27 years to go!


  1. And unlike you, I was actually at their wedding. The highlight was when your other uncle let a stray dog into the ceremony ...

  2. you left out the shoe polish - white shoe polish - spill down the front of my pants. I believe its the last photo in their wedding album. We were just making it memorable...

    Don't worry - I'm getting paid back -