Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm famous, y'all! I am featured on Mangos, Chili and Z today.

LeaAnn has a segment on her blog where she features interviews with her favorite blogs and I was chosen to participate! I am so honored! I thought really hard about my answers; I didn't want to appear boring!

She asked some very thought provoking questions.

Who would you invite to dinner? I chose Michael J. Fox - I've loved him forever! I still have some Back to the Future memorabilia he could sign for me.

What music do you cook to? Michael Buble! He's my man, he even wrote a song that said so! (Tadd says Michalel isn't talking to me when he sings, but I beg to differ.)

The hardest question was "What was the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?" Now, you don't name your blog "Plain Chicken" for nothing. I eat PLAIN CHICKEN - I am not an adventurous eater! I said calamari. David made me try it one time and it was rubbery and I didn't like it. Shocking, I know.

You can check out the entire interview and all the nice things she had to say about my little blog here.

Thanks LeaAnn!!


  1. I remember my young son trying Calamari for the first time.... "I'm not eating anything with more than four legs!" He did, and loves it to this day!

  2. That was a great interview!! You are now famous!