Christmas Wrap-up

Sunday, December 27, 2009
I hope everyone had a good Christmas!  We had a great Christmas!  We had a great visit with my family and Chicken Leg's family.  We ate WAY too much good food.

The Christmas lunch table

Turkey and Dressing

Chocolate Pie

Chicken Legs was stuffed!!

Luckily, Max was kind enough to clean the dishes!

Lea Ann over at Mangos, Chili and Z is having a cookbook giveaway.  I'd love to win the cookbook.  My Mom said I don't need every cookbook that is made, but I completely disagree!  Lea Ann asked her readers to submit a photo of their foodie gifts from Christmas.  Here is what we got:

Emile Henry pie plate
Salter digital kitchen scale
Lodge Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Silicone Cookie Scoop
2009 Southern Living Annual Recipes (a must)
The Pioneer Woman Cooks
Mastering the art of French Cooking volume 2
Martha Stewart's Cookies
The Dean Bros - Take it Easy
Julie and Julia DVD

Chicken Legs got a Titans apron!  He'll be using it soon!


  1. Love all the photos, your table is beautiful. The photo of Chicken Legs stuffed is a classic And look at you! Love that Dutch oven, and all the goodies. I got Art of French Cooking, can't wait to make the Boeff. Thanks Stephanie, great post

  2. That pie plate is gorgeous! I bought an identical Dutch oven for myself just before Christmas and I bought PWs cookbook yesterday at Sam's with part of a Christmas money gift. 2010 looks like a year of good cooking to me!

  3. EH pie plates totally rock! You're gonna love it!

  4. CL is hilarious, great rockin' pose!

  5. You hit jackpot! Your pie plate is beautiful. I actually got a Le Creuset 7 1/4 dutch oven. I took it back, got my money back, and bought a cheaper but works just as well one.

    I agree with you on the cookbooks.

    Awesome photo of chicken legs.

  6. Congrats on winning LA's cookbook! I can see that you are as crazed with cookbooks as I am with bowls (it's an affliction. I tell ya). Looks like you cleaned up with other Christmas goodies, too! I'm loving the shot of Max and the dishes. I have a kitchen "helper" too. His name is Wilson.