Saturday, January 23, 2010
I ate at Flip - the new ulta-hip burger place - at The Summit this week.  This was one of the best burgers I have ever eaten!!  This is the second Flip location in the US.  The original Flip is in Atlanta.  Chef Richard Blais, runner-up on season 4 of Top Chef, is the mastermind behind these amazing burgers.  The menu is very different from your usual buger joint - they have your basic burger (Flip Burger), Steak Tartare Burger (hold the tartare sauce), Crab Burger, Lamb Burger - you get the idea.  I had the Flip Burger and fries.  Michele had the Bacon Cheese Burger and vodka battered onion rings.  The burgers are not as big as the "usual" burger you get in a restaurant.  I thought they were the perfect size.  The onion rings were light and crunchy and not the least bit greasy.  The fries were topped with big kosher salt that really put them over the top.  I plan on making room for a milkshake next time - they freeze the icecream with liquid nitrogen!

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  1. The burger and fries look great but those onion rings are mesmerizing. Vodka battered huh, did you taste one? Could you taste a difference? The batter looks perfect.

  2. Chris - I tried an onion ring. The batter was like a tempura batter - light, airy and crispy. Really good. Not your usual heavy battered onion rings. I really liked them.

  3. Sounds good and I hope Denver gets one someday. I like the idea that the burgers are a little smaller. I'd order more burgers if they weren't so darn big. And of course they're so good I have to eat the whole thing. We've got a couple of specialty burger places here in Denver that I want to get to. One is Cheeburger, Cheeburger and the other is The Counter.