New Domino's Pizza

Sunday, January 3, 2010

We tried the new Domino's pizza tonight and it was actually really good!  The crust was my favorite part; it was soft and I loved the new butter & garlic on the edge.  The new sauce was great as well - not too sweet and it had a hint of red pepper.  The pizza wasn't greasy at all - there was no orange grease on our plates or in the box (a big plus for delivery pizza).  I know a "real foodie" would make their pizza, but if you are tired and don't want to cook - Domino's is now an option.

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  1. I was wondering how the pizza was given their "Okay our pizza sucked but we've changed" marketing strategy. And who's to say that "real chefs" don't order out? ;)

  2. I've never liked Caesar's pizza but will give this a try. For work, I sponsor alot of continuing education classes for Realtors and our company brings in lunch. It's often Pizza, so I'll give this a try. Thanks for the review Stephanie and really glad about the "no grease"

  3. Thanks for the review! My kids and parents have been wanting to try it. Maybe I'll order some tonight and use my spare time to actually write a post for my blog. :)

    Happy New Year!