Meow Monday

Sunday, May 8, 2011
Jack in the box


Today we have a special appearance by Fluffy, our outside cat.
Fluffy was a stray cat that adopted us a couple of years ago.  She is a super sweet cat.  She is hoping to get called up to the big leagues (inside), but she doesn't get along with Jack (the boss).  They like to hiss and "hit" each other through the windows.  

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  1. Fluffy is beautiful.

    Jack looks like our Target.

  2. "Jack In The Box" ?

    I usually Jack In Da Flo' !

  3. Can't you find her a home where she can be inside?

  4. denofwolves - we are going to bring her inside soon. We had to wait until Marmalade was gone. Marmy was old and sick - she couldn't handle the stress of a new cat. Fluffy will be an inside cat within about a week.