Patriotic Desserts

Friday, June 29, 2012
No good 4th of July party is complete with out dessert - at least that is what Chicken Legs says!  Here are a few of my favorite patriotic desserts from years past:

This is actually really easy to make and super festive!  Big WOW factor.

A fun way to eat fruit!

This cake tastes incredible!  It is my absolute favorite cake recipe.

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  2. Amazing ! Strawberries are looking the most captivating !

  3. I love the 4th of July Flag Cake. That takes some creativity!

  4. Not sure I could go for all of the colourings but for sheer wow factor, that cake is AMAZING!

  5. I pledge allegiance to the United Cakes of America.

  6. Awesome ideas! I'd love to make one or two of these next year. I'd have to make them gluten free desserts, though.

  7. This is a good 4th of July Flag Cake! I like the Berry Patriotic Strawberries as well. Do you know how to create that blue sugar?

    -Neil Pennington

  8. This is very creative and I like it. I will try to bake a cake looks like a flag of my country as well.

    -Gabrielle Nnorris