Mothers Day American Kobe Beef and Kurobuta Ham Dinner

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mother's Day is right around the corner, May 10th. Have you thought about what you are getting her?   Flowers, perfume, chocolate? Why not an amazing American Kobe Beef and Kurobuta Ham Dinner?? Snake River Farms offers a great gift boxes for Mom. You can either invite Mom over and prepare the steak and ham for her or ship it directly to Mom so she can enjoy a fabulous meal on Mother's Day!

Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch are part of Agri Beef Co., a family owned and operated business dedicated to producing the highest quality beef and pork in the United States. Founded in 1968 by Robert Rebholtz, Sr., Agri Beef started as a ranching and feeding operation and grown to incorporate every step of the beef lifecycle which includes ranching, cattle feeding, animal nutrition, beef processing, marketing and sales. This comprehensive approach ensures the products that arrive at your door are the best available. Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch are served in the best restaurants in the world including The French Laundry, Per Se, CUT and Craft Steak to name a few.

Snake River Farms sent me the Super Mom package to sample.
It included:

2 (6oz) American Kobe Filet Mignon
1 (3.5 lb)Kurbota 1/2 Boneless Deli Ham
1 jar Espresso Brava Sea Salt

It arrived in a styrofoam container packed in dry ice.

The Kurobata Ham was AMAZING!
So tender and juicy.

The ham is a boneless deli-style version for fast and easy cutting. They use a special curing process using a signature recipe and a final smoke over real hardwood.

Kurobuta, or “black hog,” is the Japanese term for the Berkshire breed. The ham from Snake River Farms is 100% Berkshire bread. It is deep in color and streaked with a fine marbling that makes it exceptionally sweet, juicy and tender. 

I baked the ham at 325 for 20 minutes per pound.
I let it rest a few minutes before slicing.
It was so good! Seriously, one of the best hams we've ever eaten.
We will be ordering another one for Christmas!

Each Snake River Farms filet mignon is hand-cut, hand-trimmed and perfectly portioned.
The Steak Grade is SRF Black – that is higher than USDA Prime.

We grilled the steaks, but you can also pan sear them and finish them off in the oven.

We topped the steaks with the Espresso Brava Sea Salt.

We served the steaks with our favorite potato casserole and some lima beans.
The steaks were so tender. We used a butter knife to cut them! 
I could have actually just used my fork. They were tat tender.

We couldn't leave out the ham. We put some of the ham on a biscuit. 
We were stuffed! SO good!

Snake River Farms is offering a set of special bundles for Mothers Day. This bundle, the "Super Mom", includes 2 American Kobe Ribeye Filets, a 1/2 boneless Kurobuta ham and an Espresso Brava Sea Salt. This bundle retails for $146, and is on sale for Mothers Day for $99.

You can get FREE SHIPPING with the code: LOVEMOM

You can check out all the Mother's Day deals from Snake River Farms here:

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