{Before and After} White Kitchen Renovation

Saturday, January 16, 2016
Before and After White Kitchen Renovation - painted cabinets, River White Granite, Datile Enchanting Impressions Paint Brush Glass Tile in Gray. We did it all for under $10K!
During the holidays we did something crazy. We renovated our kitchen! 

We had been talking about remodeling our kitchen for a while. We eventually decided to paint the cabinets and get new granite and backsplash.

My friend, Joy, hooked us up with Alabama Kitchen and Bath. Her husband works there and they took care of everything! Alabama Kitchen and Bath sold us new granite and the tile for the backsplash. They also gave us the name of a contractor that did all the work!

We had a great experience with Alabama Kitchen & Bath!
I HIGHLY recommend them. 
Ask for Terry Sowell. He will take care of you.

I included links to everything below.

Before photo - before white kitchen update
Here is our kitchen before the renovation.

We've lived in our house for 13 years.
It was time for an update.
(Jack is in his spot - that is where he gets his treats.)

This was the original granite.

Derrick Banks (contact information below) did all the work in the kitchen.
He coordinated the whole project with Alabama Kitchen & Bath.

The whole renovation took a little over two weeks.
This was the first day.

This is when I got a little concerned. 
You never want to see the wall studs!

The transformation was AMAZING!

The cabinets look like they came straight from the factory.
No one would ever know they had been painted. EVER!

They sanded the heck out of them. They literally sanded them for a day and a half. I think that made all the difference.

The cabinet color is Sherwin Williams Pure White 7005

Before and After White Kitchen Renovation - painted cabinets, River White Granite, Datile Enchanting Impressions Paint Brush Glass Tile in Gray. We did it all for under $10K!
We added under-cabinet lighting.
It is awesome! It made a HUGE difference in the kitchen.

Before and After White Kitchen Renovation - painted cabinets, River White Granite, Datile Enchanting Impressions Paint Brush Glass Tile in Gray. We did it all for under $10K!
I bought the cabinet pulls from Amazon.
They are 4-inches long.
We used the same pulls on the cabinets and drawers.

Datile Enchanting Impressions Paint Brush Glass Tile in Gray backsplash
Here is a picture of the tile backsplash and faucet.
We went with Datile Enchanting Impressions Paint Brush Glass Tile in Gray.
We bought the tile from Alabama Kitchen & Bath.
It looks a little blue - just depends on the light.

The faucet is Moen - it is touchless.
We LOVE it!
We got it at Home Depot.

River White Granite
The granite. Oh, the granite.
I absolutely LOVE it!

We went with River White.
It is beautiful!

We got the granite from Alabama Kitchen & Bath. They have tons of granite, quartz and marble colors to choose from. I would have loved to get marble, but marble is very porous. It would stain too easily for me. We looked at quartz, but I preferred the natural look of granite.

We looked at lots of colors and decided to go with River White. Terry at Alabama Kitchen & Bath sent us photos of several slabs to choose from. We picked two that we liked. 

Alabama Kitchen & Bath came to the house to make templates and then coordinated the installation with Derrick. Derrick removed the old tops and Alabama Kitchen & Bath installed the new tops the same day.

We couldn't be happier with the granite and the whole renovation.

Alabama Kitchen & Bath made the process so easy. 
Derrick was the best construction guy we've ever worked with.

We have already contracted with Derrick to do some more work.
He is going to build me some shelves in the garage to store all my kitchen stuff.
Can not wait!!

We are in the process of picking out a paint color for the walls.
I am thinking of going with Perfect Greige from Sherwin Williams.

Perfect Greige SW 6073

Granite & Tile
184 Regency Park Dr
Alabaster, Alabama
(205) 664-8400

Derrick Banks

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  1. Love your new kitchen. I especially like white too. So what had to happen when you changed your drawer pulls from the style you had to the type you put in? Wood putty to fill the holes?

    1. Derrick painted and filled all the holes in the doors at this shop. I assume they used putty.

  2. Love the new look...absolutely gorgeous! When we remodeled our house from storm damage in 2013, we went with Sherman and Williams paint and we are very please with it....love the colors you chose!

  3. Kitchen looks great. You can see Jack in both before photos...he is too cute!!! Give him an extra treat from me

    1. I didn't notice him hiding behind the stools in the first photo. He is too funny!

  4. It looks great! Did AL Kitchen & Bath handle painting the cabinets or did Derrick? I live in Alabaster and my husband and I want to look into getting our oak cabinets painted white and moved up on the wall some. For some reason NOTHING (mixer, optigrill) will fit underneath them. Thanks for the post & War Eagle!

    1. Derrick did everything but the granite. He works with AL Kitchen & Bath to coordinate the whole job. It was the best experience we've ever had doing work on the house. Very smooth! Derrick can definitely paint and move the cabinets for you. I can't recommend them both enough.

  5. 2 weeks? Unbelievable! I know you are soooo happy!

    (Can I make a suggestion? When I remodeled my kitchen a couple of years ago, I ran a flat light strip above the cabinets, and put them on a dimmer so I can adjust them. You would love the effect!)

    And your Meow Monday pictures are the highlight of my week!

    1. I'll check on the dimmer. Thanks!

      SO glad to hear you enjoy Meow Monday!

  6. You know I'm a total before-and-after slut! This is a great lost and I LOVE the new kitchen! Can't wait to see it in person!

    1. It looks SO much better in person! Can't wait for you to see it.

  7. Looks really good Steph. It takes a brave person to show their kitchen cabinets with the doors off.

    1. Larry - I almost didn't post those pictures!! LOL!

  8. My cabinets look just like your before and I've never been a fan. Would love to do something like this in the future!

  9. It looks great! I like how bright and clean it looks.

  10. The transformation really is truly amazing. And beautiful. Congratulations, Rocquie

  11. Looks great! Perfect Greige is so pretty! We planned to use it in our kid's rooms but with the size of their rooms it came out a little too dark so we went with Versatile Grey (it is the one shade down on the same swatch.) It is beautiful on the walls. We have gotten so many compliments on it :)

    1. we looked at Versatile Grey too. It is so hard to decide on paint colors!

  12. So beautiful Stephanie and Tad! I know you will enjoy your new remodeled kitchen! I love the white! So bright and clean! And, the new hardware really makes it modern! I'm one of those that always notices the hardware and light fixtures first! Lovely! Just lovely!

    1. We are loving it! Can't wait to get the walls painted!

  13. Your kitchen looks SO good! I wish just painting could fix ours, but our cabinets are in terrible shape and layout is inefficient. We're about to undergo a full gutting almost to the studs. How do like your french door fridge? That's the one we're looking at getting. I've never had one with freezer on bottom and I'm looking forward to not bending down all the time. Plus the full across deli tray is HUGE! Any tips for organizing the fridge?

  14. I didn't think your kitchen could look any better. But I love this! Great job!