Free Grocery Delivery with Shipt

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Free Grocery Delivery with Shipt - sign up for an annual Shipt membership andreceive $25 off your first order.

Have you heard of Shipt? OMG! I am obsessed! 

Shipt is a grocery delivery service. You can order groceries from your phone or computer and get them delivered to your home in as little as an hour. 
The best part is that if you are a Shipt member, you get FREE shipping on orders over $35!

Shipt just announced that they have expanded to Piggly Wiggly in Birmingham,AL! 
I LOVE The Pig!! I am SO excited!

Piggly Wiggly makes it a priority to purchase as many local products as possible. Nothing is better than what you get in your own backyard! They work with several local businesses to select the areas freshest items to put on our shelves. Piggly Wiggly takes pride in their selections!

One of the reasons that I am so obsessed with Shipt is that it frees up my time!
I actually hate grocery shopping. It is ironic, because I am at the grocery store all the time!
I love that Shipt now takes that chore off my plate.

😻😻It gives me more time to snuggle with Jack! 😻😻

My usual routine is to plan my menu for the week on Sunday and schedule my grocery order with Shipt for Monday morning.
 I order everything from Shipt! Meats, produce, cereal, frozen stuff - everything. 
If I'm out of paper towels or ziplock bags, they can get that for me too!

Don't worry about ordering your produce from Shipt. Shipt Shoppers are EXPERTS at picking out produce. They can pick out the perfect tomato or avocado with their eyes closed. 

I usually schedule my groceries from Piggly Wiggly to be delivered once a week on Monday.
BUT if I am running low on something, Shipt can get me my groceries as soon as an hour after my order! That is a LIFESAVER when I am making a recipe and realize that I am low on something!

To celebrate the expansion into Piggly Wiggly, new members who sign up for an annual Shipt membership will receive $25 off their first order.
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  1. Oh I am SO jealous of you! Congratulations they have expanded to your favorite store. My Mom used to shop at Piggly Wiggly years ago but all those stores closed in my area sadly. The Miejer store just announced they would be starting the Shipt program, but I live about 15 minutes from their closest store and Shipt isn't doing delivery in my town unfortunately. I wish they were because it would take one big thing off my husband's plate. I can't do the shopping any longer so he does it. I feel bad and was super excited Shipt was starting in my area, until I found more about it and it shops just a few miles from my town.

    Oh well, I'm happy for you because you can spend even more time making your yummy recipes for all of us. And that's a good thing for my family for sure.