Meow Monday

Monday, June 25, 2018

Meow Monday - pictures of cute cats to start off your week!




Nacho Man Kitty Savage
This little man had an adventurous week!
On Thursday morning he busted out of the screened porch and ran away.
We were so sad!!! We kept an eye out for him all afternoon and niht.

Chicken Legs was up late on Friday and heard a noise at 12:30 morning. He thought it was on TV, but he looked out side and there was a little orange head at the screened porch door.
Nacho Man came back!! 
We were SO excited. Jack was SO disappointed - LOL!

Nacho Man has been doing great since his escape. 
He hasn't been trying to bust out of the house since he came back home.
He has taken over the cat tower in the den and spends lots of time sitting and sleeping on it.
He was even relaxing on the porch yesterday like a good boy!

There is still some hissing and loud meowing between Nacho Man and Jack.
Hoping they can work it out and learn to tolerate each other very soon!
They sat about a foot apart on the porch yesterday AND there was no 2AM hissing last night either!

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  1. You get such great shots of you kitties.

  2. Our kitty did the same thing with our screened-in our room chasing after another cat. Luckily, he came back right away after chasing off the other cat. I hope there is peace soon in your house!

    1. Me too!! Hopefully they will all get along soon!!

  3. Nacho Man looks very content. He probably thought he needed to be out in his old habitat again, and then figured out that he had the sweet life back in the house. He's got it figured out now!

    1. You are right!! He figured out that air conditioning and free food is a good thing!!

  4. Nacho Man may have figured out what side his bread is buttered on!!! Lol, glad he's ok.