Meow Monday

Monday, September 17, 2018

Meow Monday - pictures of cute cats to start off your week!


Nacho Man Kitty Savage
Nacho Man got his nails done this weekend. He kept the blue nails. 💙

We figured out that Nacho Man is having some issues using his litter box. He doesn't like to pee in the box. He will poop in the box, just not pee. He is peeing in the catnip or on the floor! OMG!
We took him to the vet to see if he had an infection. He didn't. It is purely behavioral.
The vet gave him some kitty xanax and told us to buy some pheromone spray and diffusers.
She thinks he might be stressed. 
We are going to buy different litter and see if that helps too. 
Anyone have experience with this? Any suggestions?


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  1. Always love Meow Monday! I wish I had some advice for you -- that's so hard when they're feeling off but you can't 100% figure it out!

  2. Hi Steph! I’ve had 2 cats that had this issue, and I found that pheromones helped. There’s also a product that my vet recommended called Rescue Remedy that really worked for one of the cats who started stress peeing after I got a new cat. You can get it at natural food stores or order it online. Just make sure you get the alcohol free formula. One of my cats Had to take Valium for the rest of his life, but it worked. Good luck....I know it’s frustrating!

    1. I have two pheromone diffusers arriving tomorrow and have been using the spray all weekend. I will look for the Rescue Remedy now. Hoping we can get the little guy fixed.

      Thank you!!!

  3. If you are using only one litter box for all three cats, you might employ a second one. Sometimes cats don't like to share a box - or in the case of my 3 cats, they seem to use one to pee and the other to poo!

    1. We have 3 boxes. We are going to try giving Nacho Man another one and see if that helps.

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  5. Try Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract Litter! I know several people who have had success with this. Can find it on

  6. I have 3 cats. My male siamese had this same problem. I too put out several pheromone diffusers, all over my home. I use Feliway, other knockoffs aren't as strong and don't work as well. Its expensive but it definitely helps! I also give my kitty extra loving and playtime everyday, he likes to play fetch like a dog! Finally, I use an enzymatic cleaner on carpet, floors or bedding he pees on or he will continue to "re-mark" the same spot.
    Good luck being momma pet detective. Your kitty is just trying to tell you he is unhappy about something, it's your job to figure out what it is and do something to help.

  7. I haven't had this specific issue, but I do use Feliway multi cat diffusers in my apartment. I have an old, sweet and submissive Maine Coone and a young, dominant, playful ginger baby. The diffusers seem to "take the edge off" with him. I think one diffuser only covers so much square footage, so keep that in mind. Maybe keep them around areas that he has his anxiety/urine issues? Good luck!!