Meow Monday

Monday, January 7, 2019

Meow Monday - pictures of cute cats to start off your week!

 It's been a lazy 2019 for Jack. LOL!
He spends most of his days in his nest of blankets on the sofa or in the bed.

Nacho Man Kitty Savage
 Nacho Man doesn't mind the cold weather. He spends all day going in and out on the screened porch.
The neighbors added a fence in their backyard. Their dogs have been outside a lot. 
Nacho Man LOVES watching the dogs from the porch. It keeps him occupied all day!

Not much has changed for Squeaky in 2019.
She is still being a heat hog with the heater and sleeping on her favorite blanket.
Nacho Man tries to play with her, but she isn't having it! She yells at him and he retreats! LOL!

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  1. Love this Stephanie! Your cats are so awesome. No kitties here, just one sweet puppy, Chloe. She's a therapy dog for my youngest who is special needs. I see you're cooking dinner in Birmingham on the 24th. Small world. My son Jonathan is in his third year at Samford in Bham. I'm in and out of Bham often, and if I were going to be in town on the 24th - I'd absolutely come see you in action. Good luck!!!

  2. Jack and Squeaky are smart kitties - I'd be doing the exact same thing if I could. Does Nacho Man tease the dogs next door or just watch them? My kitty will sit right where the next door dogs can see him through the knot holes in the fence, and walk right along the fence line, just to make the dogs go crazy. It's kind of funny.

  3. That's so sweet! I have my kitty on my lap as I write..