Meow Monday

Monday, April 29, 2019

Meow Monday - pictures of cute cats to start the week! Come see what Jack, Squeaky and Nacho Man Kitty Savage have been up to this week!

picture collage of 3 cats

Good Morning! Happy Monday! We took a quick trip to the beach this past week. It was a much-needed Spring Break! The cats were good at home. Their friend, Mary, came to check on them and let them outside while we were gone. We got home on Thursday afternoon and the cats spent the rest of the week on the screened in deck or sleeping on the sofa. The weather was perfect and they were in kitty heaven!

Keep reading for individual updates on the cats!


Jack spent a lot of time outside this week. He loves the warmer weather. The hotter the better for him!
I am trying to fatten him up. He is getting skinny in his old age. I have to follow him around the house with his plate of wet food to get him to finish it all. The things we do for our cats! I don't mind. I just want him to get enough calories for the day.


Squeaky is doing good. I finally caught her screaming on video. She only yells when she jumps onto her spot on the sofa. We googled it and think she is just announcing that she is here and don't mess with her. I just wish she wouldn't do it at 3AM. LOL! Check out our InstaStories to see videos! 

Nacho Man Kitty Savage

Look at that happy boy! Nacho Man is basically living on the deck. He sits in this corner and watches the birds and neighbors dogs. He only comes in for a snack and to go to bed at night. He is super happy. 

We still catch him using the catnip pots as his litter box. We decided not to fight that battle. He uses his box when he is inside. I guess it is the price of adopting an outside stray cat. He is happy, so we are happy!

I hope these photos brighten your day!
Have a PURRFECT week!

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  1. I saw that video! Sweet, silly Squeaky. And Nacho Man, tsk tsk. lol.

  2. Very very beautiful cat picture. I'm a cat person.