Meow Monday

Monday, July 8, 2019

Meow Monday

Meow Monday - pictures of cute cats to start the week. Come see what Jack, Felix, Mack & Mango have been up to! #cats #meow #kittens
collage of 4 cat photos

Good Morning! Anyone else dragging after the holiday weekend? The holiday on top of wild and crazy kittens wresting all night in the bed; I'm going to need an extra Diet Coke this morning. 

Last Monday was probably the happiest day of my life. Jack had a great visit to the vet. The treatment is working. Chicken Legs and I were SO relieved and SO happy for Jack. 

The kittens are adjusting well. They are making the house their own. Playing hard and sleeping hard. They have started sleeping in the bed with us. It is great until they start wrestling and biting my feet in the middle of the night. LOL!

Both Felix and Jack are doing great with the kittens. Jack isn't hissing anymore. He actually touched noses with both of them this weekend. YAY! We are turning into one big happy family.

As I said, Jack had a great visit to the vet last week. He is responding wonderfully to the treatment. His blood pressure is under control and he gained over half a pound! The vet was able to get a urine sample this time. His urine concentration is good. The normal number is 1125 and Jack's was 1123. So his kidneys are working good. We are giving him a shot three times a week for his anemia and subcutaneous fluids once a week. He is getting a daily blood pressure pill, kidney pill, and Pepcid. He has also had some eye gunk, so we are putting an antibiotic cream in his eyes. They are already looking better. He goes back to the vet on 7/19 to get blood work done. We will revise his treatment plan then. The best news is that the vet didn't think death was near anytime soon! YAY!

Grandpa Felix

Grandpa Felix is doing amazing. He is coming down more and trotting around. He desperately wants to go outside, but we told him he will have to make do with the screened porch. This picture really captures Felix's personality. Very calm, thoughtful, and gentle.

Felix is getting along with the kittens and Jack. He does have a nasty habit of meowing loudly at 4AM every morning. He also comes in our bedroom and bangs on the blinds on the door to go out. Hopefully, this won't last long! Otherwise, he is great. Eating lots of treats and laying in the catnip.

Felix & Jack

SO, here is a great picture I got of Jack & Felix this weekend. It really shows you how big Felix is! Jack is on the right. He is 9 pounds. Felix is a GIANT! I showed this picture to Chicken Legs and he thought it was of Felix and one of the kittens. LOL!


This picture captures Mango's personality purrfectly. She is a wild child. She is always into something. Jumping everywhere and sprinting around the house. I've nicknamed her Squirrel. She LOVES Chicken Legs. She loves to sit on him and take a quick nap. 


Mack is a love bug. He is so tiny and so adorable. I've nicknamed him Mack Attack. He is a mama's boy. He LOVES to sleep on my chest. He starts purring super loud as soon as I pet him. It is the best! 

Mack loves to eat. He also loves to toot. LOL! He follows Mango around the house. He has to do everything that she does. He is a lot smaller, so he can't jump everywhere Mango can. I'm sure he will get there in a few weeks.

Mack & Mango have really bonded over the past week. They sleep together and clean each other. They are so sweet and SO adorable. We are so in love with them! 

The Orange M&Ms are going to the vet today for a round of their booster shots. We are taking them to our new vet this afternoon. 

You can get an overabundance of Mack & Mango on Instagram: @mackandmango and @plainchicken

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  1. Awe, praying for your kitties! Glad they are doing much better, the kittens are adorable! I have four cats so I know what you're going through!

  2. I love reading your Meow Monday posts. I'm also a cat lover. Love hearing about all your babies. My heart goes out to you on the loss of Squeaky and Nacho Man Savage Kitty.

  3. I cannot imagine 4 yellows in one house. And I am so excited about Jack's good news! With all y'all have been through the last several months with all of your precious cats you deserve some good news!

  4. I love your new babies and im so happy you have them!

  5. Great news about Jack. I am very happy for you. And I love the kittens. I totally enjoy reading and seeing your pictures every Monday. Thank you.

  6. So glad Jack is better. Wow Felix is huge and beautiful. He's more like a dog cat!!! Love Meow Mondays, best way to start the week.

    1. Felix is definitely more like a dog than a cat! He is huge! We think he has a lot of maine coon in him

  7. What a happy update! So glad the kitties are doing well and that Jack is improving. Yay!

  8. So happy to hear that Jack is doing so much better. Glad you found a new Vet who was able to help him. - May I just say the kittens are adorable as can be. I was so excited last week when I read you had adopted them. Now you have a house of "Ginger" kitties. We have 3 of our own out of the 9 cats we have. You are such wonderful people to give these kitties such love. I so enjoy all your photos of them. Have a great week.

  9. I'm so glad all four are doing well! Yay kitties! :)

  10. Wow, now you have all ginger-colored cats! I was so happy to hear the good news about Jack who has been my favorite for a while.

  11. It's always great to read Meow Monday. Your cats are adorable and have very unique personalities. Thank you for sharing updates.

  12. I love ginger kitties the most I have one of my own. All of yours are so pretty!

  13. Stephanie, Jack isn't my baby but I feel soooo elated that he's healthy again! I know that if I feel worried, you must feel it 1000X worse. Glad we have fantastic news for a change, and that all the kitties and their parents are having a great life together! You've made my day.

  14. GRRRREAT News!!!! The best Meow Monday.. Enjoy