Meow Monday

Monday, September 16, 2019

Meow Monday

Meow Monday - pictures of cute cats to start the week. Come see what Felix, Mack, and Mango have been up to! #cats #kittens
collage of 3 cat pictures

Happy Meow Monday! I'm here to brighten your day with some photos of cute cats! I know it helps me! I hope it helps you get the week started on the right foot.

The cats had a good week. The kittens had a play date with their best friend, Amelia, on Saturday.
They played hard for over 2 hours. They slept like champs the rest of the day! YAY!
Felix is being a good Grandpa and taking care of everyone.

Keep reading to get updates on each cat. 
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This boy is a hoot. He loves sleeping next to his bed. 
He has calmed down SO much over the past few weeks.
No worries, he still loves his hugs with Mama. 

Felix is a whole new cat from the cat we adopted on June 1st.
He is SO happy. He LOVES the kittens, sleeping outside, and eating.
He didn't eat for about 2 months after we adopted him. He never misses a meal now!
He also just adores the kittens. He plays with Mack and cleans both of them. 
We've never had a family of bonded cats. It is SO much fun!

Look at that pretty girl!
Mango is turning into a BEAUTIFUL cat.
She is so sweet and loving.
I finally found some wet food that she likes. 
It took about a month and $50 to finally figure out what she likes. 
Fancy Feast Appetizers is her jam. 
She is also a big fan of Delectables Squeeze Up Cat treats. 
Her favorite is dry food though.

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  1. I love the pictures of the cats and the stories also, I'm definitely a lover😻🐾

  2. So glad they're getting along so well!

  3. Love ginger cats....have 4 myself and 2grey and black tabby and a grey tuxedo cat. Never a dull moment

  4. I so love cats and seeing the cute pictures and reading about your family. It definitely brightens my day!
    I don't know what it is about gingers exactly but even though I've only had one ginger baby in my life (2 if I count the incredible sweet angel boy who came knocking on my door the day after my dog passed) I *love* gingers.
    I can appreciate how much you must be enjoying having bonded cats. I've never been able to have more than one cat at a time without brawling and having to keep separate territories which is no fun! It's a dream of mine to have a bonded pair one day...

  5. I love this new family so much, even though the angel kitties will never be forgotten!

  6. am a a big cat fan had cats all our lives and im 82 years old thanky you good site plus been a cook for many years love new recipe