Meow Monday

Monday, September 30, 2019

Meow Monday

Meow Monday - pictures of cute cats to start the week. Come see what Felix, Mack, and Mango have been up to! #cats #kittens
collage of 3 cat photos

Happy Meow Monday! I'm here to brighten your day with some photos of cute cats! I know it helps me! I hope it helps you get the week started on the right foot.

Keep reading to get updates on each cat. 
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 Felix is loving life. He loves to nap on the screened deck and play with the kittens.
He also loves eating. I bet he has gained at least 4 pounds over the last couple of months.
I am excited! He wasn't eating when we adopted him and was WAY too skinny.

 Mango has calmed down a lot. She has been spending most of her days sleeping outside on the deck with Felix. She alternates between the cat tower and under her favorite chair.
I love this picture of Mango. She looks so relaxed and happy.

Mack has been crazy wild all week. Jumping on all the counters, biting our legs during the middle of the night, and darting around everywhere. Hopefully, he will calm down in a couple of weeks. 
His new favorite place to sleep is in the curtains behind the TV.
Just look at that silly boy!

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  1. I enjoy seeing your Meow Monday posts and your pretty furbabies! Felix, Mango and Mack are WAY too adorable!!! Have a great week!!!

  2. I have two cats their names are Skittles and Snookie and love them very much, sometimes my cats are crazy. But, at the end of the day. I can taste the rainbow. I truly enjoyed your arrival.

  3. Love your updates each week. I just adopted last Monday a Siberian/Maine Coon orange boy. He will be 3 in November and it is slow going right now with my other 3 girls. But it will get better. At least they are all tolerating each other and no fights or hissing lol

  4. We had a boy similar to Mack years ago (Tigger). One of his favorite tricks was to crawl under the covers, go clear to the foot of the bed, and bite our toes!!

  5. I think orange boys have foot fetishes; all mine have always gone insane when they see my bare feet, LOL! I adore your babies, this new family is a beautiful one!

  6. I love reading about your orange babies!