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Monday, December 9, 2019

Meow Monday - pictures of cute cats

Meow Monday - pictures of cute cats to start the week. Come see what Felix, Mack, and Mango have been up to! #cats #kittens
collage of cat photos

Cat Photos to Make You Happy

Happy Meow Monday! I'm here to brighten your day with some photos of cute cats! I know it helps me! I hope it helps you get the week started on the right foot.

Keep reading to get updates on each cat.

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 We went out of town last week and missed the kitties so much!
We took the tree down before we left so the kittens couldn't get hurt while we were gone.
The kitties missed us as much as we missed them. They were running around the house and climbing all over us. It took several hours, but Mack finally calmed down. 
Isn't he adorable with his catnip candy cane? You can get one here:

 I had to take Mango's backpack on our trip. 
I put it on the kitchen island as soon as we got home and she jumped right on top. 
She missed her sleeping spot!

Grandpa Felix missed getting lots of food and being able to go outside while we were gone.
As soon as we walked in, he ran to the door to go on the screened porch.
He was purring SOOOO loud when I opened his can of cat food!
He ran around and did his thing. He finally settled in on his blanket on the sofa.

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  1. I just want to reach into my computer screen and pet your beautiful cats..Thank you

  2. Awww now you know Felix really has become 'family" for sure!! What love bugs they all are!!

  3. It's so nice when you can tell they've missed you! And of course it's so lovely to see them again, as well!