Baked Cream Cheese Spaghetti Casserole

Baked Cream Cheese Spaghetti Casserole – everyone goes crazy over this dish – they always ask for the recipe! Make ahead of time and refrigerate until ready to bake. Great for a crowd. The BEST pasta I have ever had. Seriously better than you’ll find in any restaurant.

Baked Cream Cheese Spaghetti Casserole - everyone goes crazy over this dish - they always ask for the recipe! Make ahead of time and refrigerate until ready to bake. Great for a crowd. The BEST pasta I have ever had. Seriously better than you'll find in any restaurant.

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This was the best thing we ate last week.  It was quick and delicious!!  I saw a version of this on Pinterest.  It looked so good that I had to add it to the menu ASAP!

You probably have everything you need to make this pasta dish in your pantry right now.  This can be made ahead of time and baked when you are ready. I love these kinds of dishes.  The pasta was really creamy and wonderful!  We both absolutely loved it.  It was even better the next day at lunch.  This will be going into our usual dinner rotation!

Baked Cream Cheese Spaghetti Casserole - everyone goes crazy over this dish - they always ask for the recipe! Make ahead of time and refrigerate until ready to bake. Great for a crowd. The BEST pasta I have ever had. Seriously better than you'll find in any restaurant.

Baked Cream Cheese Spaghetti Casserole

Yield: 8 people
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Baked Cream Cheese Spaghetti Casserole – everyone goes crazy over this dish – they always ask for the recipe! Make ahead of time and refrigerate until ready to bake. Great for a crowd. The BEST pasta I have ever had. Seriously better than you’ll find in any restaurant.


  • 12- oz spaghetti
  • 1 (26-oz) jar prepared spaghetti sauce
  • 1- lb lean ground beef
  • 1 tsp Italian seasoning
  • 1 clove garlic minced
  • 1 (8-oz) package cream cheese, room temperature
  • ½ cup parmesan cheese grated


  • Preheat oven to 350ºF degrees.
  • In a skillet, brown the ground beef until cooked through; drain fat and stir in spaghetti sauce. Set aside.
  • Cook spaghetti according to directions on packet. Drain and place cooked spaghetti in bowl. Add cream cheese, Italian Seasoning and minced garlic. Stir until cream cheese is melted and the spaghetti is thoroughly coated.
  • Lightly grease a 9×13″ pan. Spread a small amount of meat sauce in the bottom of the dish. Put spaghetti on top of sauce and top with remaining meat sauce. Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top.
  • Bake for 30 minutes, until bubbly.



Can make casserole in advance and refrigerate or freeze for later.
If baking after refrigerating, you may need to add a few minutes to the cooking time.
To bake after freezing, thaw completely and bake as directed above.
To reheat after freezing, thaw completely. Cover with aluminum foil and bake at 350ºF for 30 to 40 minutes, until heated through.


Remember this recipe.

Pin this recipe to your favorite board now to remember it later!

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plate of baked spaghetti casserole
plate of baked spaghetti casserole



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  1. I didn’t have ground beef, so I used hot Italian sausage links(casings removed). I also snuck in a few veggies- minced red, yellow and orange bell peppers & diced mushrooms (added to meat sauce)- after reading reviews about noodles being too dry, I used 3/4 of a box of spaghetti noodles & WOW! Great dish!

  2. I made this tonight and my family gobbled it up! It was so tasty! I did salt,pepper,garlic both the meat and the cream cheese. I also added the Parmesan to the cream cheese mixture and put shredded mozzarella on the top of the casserole.
    This is going into our dinner rotation for sure!

  3. My husband made this recipe last night and it is FANTASTIC. He made it vegan by subbing Impossible burger, vegan cream cheese, and vegan cheeses. He used Rao’s caramelized onion marinara sauce. Delicious…decadent without being too rich. Plenty of flavor…not bland at all (didn’t even need salt and pepper).

  4. I used half cream cheese and half garlic and herb goat cheese with a squirt of sour cream to make it creamier. I also added mozzarella on top as well. I added more seasoning when browning the meat too (Tony chachere’s spice and herd blend, Paul prudhommes pizza and pasta magic, and extra pepper). Ca c’est bon!

  5. With the exception of using granulated garlic instead of fresh minced garlic (out of laziness) I followed this recipe to a T and it was so good AND quick and easy! Made enough for more than just one night’s meal too! This will become a repeat in my house.

  6. This was incredible! I did add salt and pepper to season the meat and used a tomato basil spaghetti sauce. Fantastic!

  7. Great recipe.

    Boyfriend says “This is the sh#t.”

    I dropped the cream cheese package in warm water to help soften the cream cheese. Mine came encased in foil (Philadelphia package).

    Thank you Joyce.

  8. Love this! I add diced peppers and onions and away we go. Always make 2 batches at a time and freeze one. Family favorite for sure.

  9. This recipe has become my family’s favorite pasta. I use italian sausage with onion. Everything is the ame and very yummy.

  10. I wish people would wait until they actually prepared the recipe to comment. Nobody cares if you think it “sounds yummy” or “looks delicious” or that you’re going to “try it soon”; people want feedback on what it tastes like.

    I made it and it was great, didn’t change a thing. Quick, easy and tasted fantastic. I’ll definitely be making it again!

  11. This was so yummy the first time I made it just like the recipe stated. This time I’m using leftover roast beef instead of the ground beef. I’m sure it will be just as delicious! Thanks for the simple recipe!

    1. I made this today with a few changes and I must saw it was phenomenal. I used fettuccine instead of spaghetti because it’s what I had on hand. I seasoned my cream cheese with Italian seasoning, and garlic salt. I used Italian sausage, ground beef, and pepperoni along with onions, pepper and minced garlic. This is by far one of my favorite recipes now. I also used to jars of spaghetti.

      1. Your embellishments sound delicious. I’m making this today with these additions, and giving the recipe 5 stars in advance!

  12. I have fixed this twice. It has great flavor, but it turns pink, when the sauce hits the cream cheese! Any ideas?

      1. I use peppers and onions and also put yellow squash and zucchini in my sauce and besides the cream cheese I use cheddar and mixed park in with the spaghetti,love this recipe

    1. I’ve got my sauce in my pot added onion, bell peppers, mushrooms zucchini, squash that I grilled last night. Can’t wait to enjoy one of my family’s favorite

  13. Now this looks delicious! I've already made to other recipes with success so I bookmarked this one to make soon. Thank you Steph!

  14. I agree, while very good, I was wishing for more moisture. Next time, I think I will try some diced tomatoes in addition to the spaghetti sauce.

  15. I had leftover spaghetti so I added the cream cheese, garlic and Italian seasoning to the meat and sauce. Then I added the spaghetti and tossed it all together to get the spaghetti warm. I topped it with mozzarella. I also used Italian sausage instead of ground beef. Turned out really well and was very delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  16. Well this was quite yummy! Loving that the each time I make this, I am able to try a different protein too. This time I had pepperoni on hand that needed to be used and oh boy was that tasty!
    Thank you for sharing

  17. I made this last night for dinner in a gluten free version and it was awesome! Perfect combo of spaghetti and lasagna. Hubby and two teenage boys really liked it. We will definitely be making this again!

  18. I made this tonight, and so far, it's been a hit. And really easy to make. We're a family of seven so I used a 17.5oz package of spaghetti I had, 10oz light cream cheese, and a 64oz jar of sauce. I didn't have any hamburger on hand, so ours was vegetarian. I did add a bunch of spinach that needed to be used up before it went bad–excellent addition. Also mixed some Parmesan in with the noodles. I'm not much of a red sauce person, but it's excellent. I think next time, I'll get some Italian sausage to go in it.

  19. Found this recipe on Pinterest. After reading the reviews I made the following changes and it turned out awesome! I added a 16 oz can of Fire Roasted Tomatoes to the empty Spaghetti Sauce jar to make sure I got out all the flavor. I also used one pound of Italian Sausage too the Ground Beef. Mixed the sauce and tomatoes together in the skillet and added 2 generous teaspoons of Italian Seasoning and 2 teaspoons of garlic to the sauce. Put half of the sauce in the bottom of my pan and covered that with 2 cups of Italian Cheese Blend. Since others had commented on how difficult it was to mix the spaghetti and cream cheese, I cubed my softened cream cheese into a large bowl and popped it in the microwave to soften further. Dumped the hot spaghetti into the bowl over the cream cheese and mixed. It was a little difficult to mix even with the softened cream cheese but doable. Put the spaghetti over the meat layer and continued with the rest of the recipe. The end result was wonderful. Not dry as others had experienced. Hubby loved it. Another winner from Plain Chicken.

  20. Delicious! Didn't want to mess with trying to get 28 oz. of sauce from my 24 oz. jars…plus I'm feeding a family of five and am fine with leftovers…so I used one-and-a-half of the 24 oz. jars of spaghetti sauce (what most of the brands seem to be sold in these days) for a total of 36 oz. of sauce, then one full 16 oz. box of spaghetti noodles. I kept everything else the same (didn't want to mess with adding an extra 1/4 a block of cream cheese), so it had a little less cream cheese and ground beef proportionately for the amount of noodles and sauce I ended up using, but it still tasted very rich and cheesy! It still fit in my 9×13 baking dish, and the leftovers we had warmed up very nicely in the microwave. It's now in our regular rotation!

  21. Making this tonight for dinner,made mine with shredded chicken and added mozzarella cheese on top of 1st layer of sauce and top of the top 🙂 It smelled and looked delish def made enough for my family,ill update and say how good it was 🙂

  22. I had to use an 8 by 8 bc my 9 by 13 was too rusted and I had to throw it away. So hopefully it still comes out right. Bc it overflowed in the 8 by 8 oan.

  23. this was a great and easy dish to make. The only thing I would change just because of personal preference is the 8oz of cream cheese to 4oz of cream cheese.

  24. I've got this in the oven right now and it if it smells 1/10th as good it tastes, we are in for a great dinner. The changes I made: I tossed the garlic into the beef as it finished up (only because I had frozen garlic cubes on hand and needed extra heat), and I added extra cheese(s). I added a little parmesan into the pasta sauce, and then topped it with parmesan, provolone, and mozzarella. It was quick, easy, and I did have everything in the pantry on-hand! Thanks. 🙂

    1. I’ve made this dish many times, and we love it! I do add extra sauce, but that’s just my preference.
      I remember having the best spaghetti in High school nun years ago, and this is the closest recipe that tastes like I remember it.
      So yummy 😋 Thank you!

  25. Wowww…I'm making this tonight but I only have 4 ounces of cream cheese…think I will sub in 4 ounces of herbed goat cheese instead. Looks like a winner.

  26. Wanted to make lasagna tonight, but no eggs. I remembered my Grandmother used to make a spaghetti casserole, so I googled it and found this! Heading to the kitchen now to make for dinner. Sounds delicious and easily made gluten free!

  27. I found this on pinterest the other night and just made it! I'm vegetarian, so I substituted the beef for Morningstar crumbles (which is a perfect ground beef sub). Holy cow it was delicious and so easy to make! Thanks for the awesome recipe!

  28. This was delicious! I came across this recipe when i searched cream cheese recipes because I had a block of 1/3 less fat cream cheese that needed to be used up. The pasta sauce I had on hand was only 24 oz so I also used an 8 oz can of no sodium tomato sauce. I also diced an onion very small and cooked it with the meat. I did add extra seasoning to the meat and sauce due to using the 8 oz can of sauce that didn't have as much flavor as the jarred sauce. I also added about 1 cup of water that I cooked the pasta in to help melt the cream cheese and make it easier to stir together with the noodles. I was out of parmesan so I subbed light mozzarella in the same amount. Thanks for the great, easy recipe!

  29. This was delicious and I don't even like spaghetti. First time I made it I had to use 24 ounce of spaghetti sauce because 28 ounce is non existent around me. It was yummy but too dry. Second time I bought 2 24 ounces of spaghetti sauce and used the whole 16 ounce box of spaghetti noodles. That completely solved dry problem and me having to guess 12 ounces out of the 16 ounce spaghetti box. Also in the Ragu garlic and herb sauce added italian seasoning, chopped garlic, parsley, oregano and a little brown sugar

  30. I used reduced fat cream cheese, soy crumbles instead of ground beef. Also, I left the cream cheese out to soften for a bit and used my hand mixer to whip it up with the garlic and Italian seasoning – wanted to make sure everything was well blended before adding the hot pasta.

  31. Very very good. Easy to modify with gluten free spaghetti (I like the Heartland brand). I used Rao's Marinara. I also covered with foil and baked for 25 minutes, then uncovered topped with mozzarella and parmesan and baked for 6 additional minutes.

  32. So good! My son loves me to make it and freeze individual serving for him to take back to college! I have to get it in the freezer quickly so I don't eat it all myself. Italian sausage is a good addition.

  33. So yummy. I used ground turkey. I hid some zucchini in mine for my picky kids and they ate it up!

  34. Made it and lovin' it! I will cover it curing baking next time to keep the moisture in, otherwise perfect!

  35. It's in my oven now. Smells heavenly. I saw this basic recipe on Pinterest too, and I don't know why I waited for a 92 degree day to bake it, but it'll be worth it.

  36. Yum! I don't used process spegetti sauce. I love to make my own that's easy and so yummy. I'd substitue that and do the rest! I already use hamburger meat or ground sausage in my sauce so that I wouldn't do double.

    In case anyone is interested:
    I use a lb of ground meat (sausage, turkey, hamburger – your choice)
    1 cut up onion
    1 sliced zuchinni
    1 package sliced mushrooms
    1 bay leaf
    1 cup chopped basil
    3-4 cloves garlic
    1/2 cup fresh oragano and also parshly (or to your desire)
    about 18 oz of diced tomatoes

    start to brown meat and halfway through add the seasonings and then add the veggies, except the tomatoes. You add those after the veggies are fully cooked.

    It's actually really easy and so much better than canned sauce and also more texture and not just saucey. You can add tomato paste or some sauce in a can by the canned tomatos to make it more saucy if you like.

  37. Made this last night. I forgot to add the Italian Seasoning, but even then it was delicious. I actually divided it up into two 8×8 brownie pans and froze one for later (there's just the two of us). Served with garlic bread and a caesar salad. YUM!

  38. Yum! We all loved this recipe! I ended up sautéing my garlic clove before browning the beef; also put the assembled casserole under the broiler to brown the cheese rather than cooking it for 30 min. Loved it!

  39. I made a couple of small changes. I used Italian sausage instead of ground beef, and added a box of frozen chopped spinach (thawed, drained). Hubby is currently on his 3rd serving! Turned out great & enough left overs for the week!

  40. I'm making this tomorrow for my book club! About how many servings does this make? Wondering if I should double the recipe. Thanks!

  41. Made this for the man last night-he devoured it!! I've never seen him eat so much pasta in one sitting!! It was tasty!

    BTW I used ground turkey and whole wheat pasta and it was STILL that good! Added mozzarella on top too, with the Parmesan.

  42. So simple and quick to make. Perfect comfort food. I prepared this ahead of time so baked it longer. 30 min covered then 35 min uncovered. I used ground turkey, low fat cream cheese, and lots of garlic. I also doubled the sauce and topped it with fontina cheese along with the parmesean. It was killer! Everyone loved it! Thank you 🙂

  43. I made this tonight and loved it. I used a bag of the mini pepperonis instead of the pound of ground beef- yum:)

  44. I made this for dinner tonight and it is delicious! I had all of the ingredients at home and it was so easy to make. I'll definitely be making this again 🙂

  45. I make this all the time but use Zucchini instead of noodles. Makes it awesome for people watching the carbs and it is amazing. Everyone always wants the recipe 🙂

  46. iheartcashmere – I think it would be fine if you assembled this ahead of time and baked it the next day or so.

  47. Has anyone prepared this prior to baking? Curious on cooking the meat and noodles and putting it all together, leaving it in the fridge until I'm ready to bake it in the evening. Thoughts? Anyone try this?

  48. Saunders Crew – this would freeze well.

    Believe it or not, we have no kids! I just attribute all the kid-friendly food to the fact that I grew up a really, really picky eater. I know how to please all picky eaters!

  49. Hey there. Making this for dinner tonight for the "crew". Been on my menu a while so I'm looking forward to this.
    Question: my niece just had a baby and I'm taking them dinner this weekend, would this freeze ok if they want to save it? Thanks! Love your food as always. So kid friendly. Figured you have a slew of 'em running around.

  50. I found this on Pinterest today and was a little skeptical about cream cheese and spaghetti. It smelled delicious and after one bite all my husband and I could say was "oh my gosh." Hands down, new favorite food! Thanks for the recipe!!

  51. My husband hates spaghetti but I crave it – a problem I've been trying to solve for 9 years. Last night when he walked in I asked him "So, do you know what tonight is?" I saw a wave of panic cross his face, his mind racing through anniversary/special dates. In my best attempt at sexy (which is just awful), I said "Tonight is the night…I turn you on to spaghetti!" He cracked up, and even better, we both LOVED it! Thank you 🙂

  52. I made this last night, and it was a huge hit. The only thing I found was next time I will use more than just 1 jar of sauce, it turned out pretty dry. Other than that it was very good and the kids loved it vs. just plain ole spaghetti. Thanks!!

  53. I just found this recipe on Pinterest the other day and made it for dinner tonight. It was delicious! The only problem I had was that it turned out a little dry but it could have been my fault as halfway through cooking, I discovered that I was out of spaghetti so I cooked linguine instead. I will definitely be adding this to our favorites list. Thank you (0=

  54. I made this tonight for my meat and potatos husband … HUGE success. I had some sliced pepperoni that I needed to use so I just placed them over the meat sauce before adding cheese. Next time I am going to use the Sargento Italian 6 cheese shredded cheese, as well as the parmesan and probably 32 ozs. of sauce. I didn't tonight but I normally add a couple of tbsp of brown sugar to my Italian sauces. I plan on doing that next time as well. My husband is excited about left overs tomorrow!!

  55. Making this again tonight, thanks Steph you're seriously a genius!


  56. Made this last night for dinner and loved it. The flavor was great and I can't wait to devour the left-overs. The only negative I can say is that it was a teeny bit dry, but I think that's because I could only find a 24oz jar of sauce. Oh, and my husband wanted more meat, but he always wants more meat, so that doesn't count, hehe 🙂 Thanks for a great recipe!

  57. Kristin – I would bake the casserole covered for 20-25 minutes and then uncovered for 30 minutes.

  58. I am expecting and would like to make this and freeze it. What would you recommend for the cook temp and bake time when I pull it out of the freezer? Thanks for your help.

  59. Follow up to my post on May 10: This is even better as leftovers! The flavors have a chance to meld together and it reheats beautifully in the oven. I did warm up extra tomato sauce to spoon over individual servings and that really helped it not have a "dry" consistency to it. We are on our 3rd night of this casserole and still have enough for one more lunch or dinner! It really does make a lot of food and would be great for a potluck or family gathering. This is also a meal I would make without meat as I think it's substantial enough without it when adding broccoli to the cream cheese & pasta layer and onions, carrots, and celery to the sauce. Also, in my post above, I meant to type "thin spaghetti" and not "in spaghetti".

  60. I made this tonight with a few changes and it was really good. I sautéed diced onion, celery, carrot and sliced mushrooms with the garlic before browning lean ground beef. I used whole wheat in spaghetti and low fat cream cheese and added a 16 oz bag of chopped broccoli (thawed) to that. I was surprised at how thick the noodle mixture became with the cream cheese addition so I added 1 cup of sour cream to help blend it all together better. (Next time I will remember to save some of the pasta cooking water and use that instead). I might also increase the amount of tomato sauce next time, as well. We both enjoyed this meal and I'll be making it again. It really does make a lot of food so we'll easily get 3 dinners out of this. I will try freezing a portion, as well.

  61. I just happened to stumble across this site. I had a wholr heap of cream cheese in the fridge that I had no clue what to do with. I had all the other ingredients in stock. I was just going to make my typical pasta and meatsauce tonight. I saw this recipe and had ti make it. Wow, it is so yummy. This will be a new regular. Thank you!!!

  62. Tomatoes are so plentiful and affordable right now that I made a meat sauce with slow roasted tomatoes and then followed this recipe. OMG, is this good! The home-made sauce is sooooo easy and makes a great recipe just incredible.

    1. MamaSooz – you are right, homemade sauce is the best! I bet this was amazing with your sauce!!

  63. I'm so excited to try this!!! I was thinking about what to have tonight for dinner and remembered I pinned this from Pinterest!!! Thanks for all of your recipes. I've tried several and haven't found one we don't love!!!

  64. I made this on Friday for my family and it was a hit! Even my picky five year old loved it. I loved the creaminess that the cream cheese added to the spaghetti. I will be making this again for sure!

  65. I made this for dinner tonight! I knew right away that I will be making it often…my husband licked his sketti bowl!!! The only 2 changes -add sour cream to make it even creamier but that's just a personal preference! And I used chicken instead beef..It was SOOO yummy!! Thank you for sharing!

  66. Made this yesterday for dinner from leftovers the night before and we all loved it! Would def have this over lasagna any day. This really was a nice change. I did add shredded mozzarella cheese along with parmesan. As far as being dry I wouldn't know as my brother inlaw took the leftovers to work 🙂 But I would add a little lite butter or olive oil when reheating.

  67. Very yummy and easier than a recipe I had that required tempering an egg. Thanks, adding this to our rotation.

  68. MS – yes, you can make it ahead of time and bake it later. Just add a few more minutes to the baking time.

  69. Can you make this ahead to the point of putting it the casserole dish and then throw it in the oven later? Thinking i may just have to cook it a little longer than 30 to warm through? Would work great on the night my kids have sports. Thanks 🙂

  70. I made this and re-blogged about it, and gave you full credit of course. Just wanted to let you know, and thanks for all the great recipes, LOVE your site!

  71. Does this dish freeze well? It looks like it makes a lot. It would be nice to take a piece out of the freezer on a busy weeknight.

  72. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. It was delicious and my family said we should have it again. I am giving you a two thumbs up on my pinterest review board. THANKS AGAIN!

  73. My hubby and I host a young adult study on Tuesday nights and we feed about 25. How many servings does one recipe make? We are serving this on Tuesday !!

  74. This is probably a dumb question, but when you say parmesan cheese, grated..are you referring to the bottle of parmesan or fresh parmesan and grate it yourself???

  75. Lindsay – my favorite sauce is La Famiglia Delgrosso pasta sauce. The tomato basil is great.

    I also like Trader Joe's roasted garlic marinara – I don't always have that on hand though since we don't have a TJ in Alabama. I have to stock up when I go out of town.

    1. Is the La Famiglia Delgrosso the one in the video? My daughter hates the "chuncks" in the sauce and nocticed yours didn't have any chunks

    2. Nuckles – La Famiglia Delgrosso does not have chunks. I also like Trader Joe's roasted garlic marinara – it is the one with the green label. It doesn't have chunks and has great flavor.

  76. I was just wondering what type of jarred spaghetti sauce you used. I typically use hunt's because that what my husband is used to but I'd really like to find a better one.

    1. I use prego and ragu together. like one if them has garlic and sausage. The other maybe 6 cheese. I always add a bit of sugar to my sauce.

    2. I use Bertolli, either w/olive oil & garlic or 4 cheese (might be 5 cheese ….can't remember which it is! Lol) but all flavors are great!

  77. This was yummy. Kind of a compromise between spaghetti and lasagna and a change from the same boring meal. Thanks 🙂

  78. Dawn – I didn't soften the cream cheese. I just added the hot spaghetti to it and stirred it up. If your cream cheese was too hard to stir, just let it sit out and soften before making.

  79. When you get to the part of adding the cream cheese to the spaghetti, are you supposed to pre soften the cream cheese???

    I found it VERY hard to stir the cream cheese block into the spaghetti and have it melt, I ended up putting it back on the stove over low heat to try and help melt it and it still didn't help that much. Or is there part of the directions missing?? Not sure.


    1. Whenever I use cream cheese in this way, I cut it up into cubes and stir it in. Much easier to melt that way. I would also let it soften on the counter for a bit.

    2. Whenever I use cream cheese in this way, I cut it up into cubes and stir it in. Much easier to melt that way. I would also let it soften on the counter for a bit.

  80. I came across your bacon cheddar ranch pull apart bread on pinterest and after reading through your posts I just have to say… You and I would be friends 🙂

    Keep posting

  81. I made this yesterday for dinner and everyone loved it!!! My husband and I both had it for lunch as leftovers and it was even better. I didn't think that was possible. THANK YOU for sharing this!

  82. This was a HUGE Hit at my house over the weekend. Although, I made a minor change using pork and turkey in place of the beef (my daughter does not eat beef) and it was absolutely delicious. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  83. Oh, and it's wonderful for leftovers as well. We're having it again tonight… but I was too lazy to do the toast and salad… this meal stands alone!

    Cream cheese should be pretty soft for easier mixing.

  84. Fantastic!

    One thing – I'd let the cream cheese sit out a bit before mixing. That was harder than I thought it would be.

  85. It's in the oven right now and has 20 min left to bake. I used sausage, added some onion, and sprinkled with mozzarella cheese that I had on hand. I'm going to make a slice of Texas toast and a little dinner salad to go with it.

    It rained today and it's cold (for southern California!)… so it's nice, warm comfort food…

  86. Creamy and oozing with cheese, how could I not want to try this? It looks excellent. What jarred sauce do you like?

  87. I'm making this with some sausage I have to use up… and some Mexican cheese that's in the fridge right now. YUMMY!

    1. In the oven as I speak! I doubled the cream cheese, (one in the meat and one in the pasta)and added more sauce, meat, and pasta. Put grated Colby Jack and Parmesan on top. Took two pans. Hoping for the best!

  88. I make a similar recipe with green onions mixed in with the cream cheese & noodles and I top it with cheddar cheese. Mmmmm!

  89. We have this often in our house and I use it as a way to use up bits and bobs of everything. I just call it Pasta Bake. Oddly, there is never any leftovers from it.

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