Cadillac Burgers

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  1. I don't mean this in the wrong way, but your buns look familar. What brand are they. I have have been trying to find the best burger bun but the commercial burger buns, or hot dog buns for that matter, available in the south do not look as good as what can be found in other parts of the country. I think a good bun makes all the the difference in a burger or hot dog.

  2. Me ha encantado tu receta, ya tienes una seguidora desde Espa├▒a.
    I loved your recipe, you have a follower from Spain. Silvia.

  3. My husband and I do this all the time with our burgers! The sandwich used to be called the "10:35" at McDonald's because when breakfast ended there were still eggs left, so you could request a "10:35" and get a burger with an egg.

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