Chicken Fajita Wraps

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  1. Lynda – a panini press would be perfect. I don't have one. That I why I use the grill pan. Enjoy!

  2. Hey, Step, could I use a panini press for these?? Thanks for sharing Jack, Fluffy & Sherbet every Meownday!!

  3. Your chicken wraps looks so sumptuous specially the filling. Looks like you added so many flavorful ingredients inside. I wonder if I could put some curry powder in it?

  4. We made these for dinner last night. I will NEVER make fajitas @ home any other way. My grocery store didn't have the Lawry's marinade and I used the Jack Daniel's brand. I was afraid it was going to be too strong but it was delicious!!!! Next time, we will add some steak in there as well.

    As always, thanks Stephanie, for the great recipes!

  5. I'm at work sneaking a peak and now I am starving. These look so good. I make fajitas often and never thought to grill them so they get a little crispy. SO YUMMY!

  6. YUMMY! I'm leaving out the peppers because the flavor overpowers the dish. Otherwise, this is going to be good TONIGHT!

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