Chicken Pesto Wraps

Last week for sandwich night we had this Chicken Pesto Wrap.  It was SOOOOOO good!!  This might be my favorite wrap so far (only because it is the last one we had).

For this wrap, we grilled some chicken tenders that had been marinating in Italian dressing and pesto.  You can use some of the precooked Italian chicken strips if you don’t want to grill the chicken yourself.  We loved the flavors in this wrap.  The pesto added great flavor without being overpowering.

We cook all our wraps in a grill pan and use a Kingsford grill press to get the grill marks on the wrap.  If you don’t have a grill press, I highly suggest getting one.  They are inexpensive and they work great for wraps.  We have really gotten our moneys worth out of ours!

Chicken Pesto Wrap
(Printable Recipe)

Pesto chicken fingers or precooked Italian chicken strips
Provolone slice
Sliced mushrooms
pesto ranch (2 Tbsp Ranch mixed with 2 tsp pesto)

For Pesto Chicken Fingers:
Marinate 1 lb of chicken tenders in ¾ cup Italain dressing and 2 Tbsp pesto for at least one hour (the longer the better).  Grill until done.  Set aside or refrigerate if making wraps later in the week.

For Pesto Ranch:
Mix together 2 Tbsp Ranch dressing with 2 tsp pesto.  Set aside.

For the wrap:
Lay the tortilla on a flat surface.  Layer ingredients on tortilla starting with 1 slice cheese, chopped chicken and ending with mushrooms.  Drizzle a small amount of pesto ranch over the chicken.  Roll up the sides of the tortilla and place in grill pan.  Top tortilla with grill press and grill until golden brown. Turn over and brown the other side.  Repeat with remaining tortillas.  Serve with a side of Ranch dressing if desired.

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  1. DELISH!!!!! We just finished ours and they were wonderful. We used tyson frozen chicken strips, bertolli pesto, and Newmans Own Italian Dressing. The italian was way too sweet, but they were still awesome. Made enough to take for lunches.

  2. This looks so good! I love pesto and chicken! And I love the idea of grilling the tortilla when you're done. YUM!

  3. I really like having wraps–they make me feel so healthy, lol. This one looks delicious.

  4. Did you make your own pesto or did you buy it? If you bought it, what brand do you like best? If you made it, can you post the recipe?

  5. I have a grill press and I didn't think we would end up luving it as much as we do.

    Great looking wrap.

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