Decatur, AL – TSA Pre Check & Curry’s on Johnston Street

Have you seen the people that get to bypass the long lines in airport security? They get to keep their shoes on, jackets on, keep liquids and laptops in their bags. Those people have TSA Pre-Check. 
I was randomly selected for TSA Pre Check on my trip to Park City. It was heaven! SO easy and a lot less stressful than regular airport security.
When I got back home I checked into applying for TSA Pre Check
I filled out the application. It was super simple. 
Next I had to determine where I needed to go to finish the process.
When I signed up, two locations in Alabama popped up. One in Decatur and one in Chickasaw. 
I just checked the website and there is one in Birmingham that is open select hours on Thursdays.
We went to the Decatur location since it was a lot closer than Chickasaw. 
We headed up the road to the E.S.D. Truck Driving School.

We checked in at the front desk and waited to be called back. 
You have the option to make an appointment when you fill out the forms online.
We didn’t make an appointment, but it only took about 20 minutes for us to be called back.
You will need your passport or birth certificate, drivers license and a credit or debit card.
It costs $85 for the TSA Pre Check. It is good for 5 years. Totally worth it!
When you get called back, they go over your application and fingerprint you.
It takes about 5 minutes.
After we got fingerprinted, we went into Decatur for lunch.

I took Chicken Legs to my favorite place in Decatur, Curry’s on Johnston Street.
I’ve eaten here several times when I was in town on business, and I love it!
Curry’s has good variety on their menu.
Sandwiches, chicken fingers, po boys, and salads.

Chicken Legs went with the Egg Salad sandwich on a croissant.
He loves egg salad and said this was delicious.

He got fries to go with the sandwich. 
They were really good. 
Nice and crispy with a tasty seasoning on them.

I got the chicken club sandwich and chips.
It was chicken tenders, swiss cheese, bacon, and honey mustard on a ciabatta bun.
It came with lettuce and tomato, but I left that off. (I am a Plain Chicken kind of gal.)
Look at that pickle!

This was a monster sandwich!
I could only eat half of it. I was sad. It was SOOOOO good. 
I wanted to order a couple more to take home for dinner.
Curry’s also does catering and private events at the restaurant. I need to have a party ASAP!
I am already looking for an excuse to go back to Decatur and eat at Curry’s!
If you are passing by Decatur, make sure to stop in at Curry’s for lunch. 
You won’t regret it!

Curry’s on Johnston Street
115 1/2 Johnston Street SE
Decatur, AL 35601

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  1. Having grown up in Decatur I have had my fair share of Curry's and it is wonderful. I love those pickles! I also love The Brick Deli. You need to check it out on your next trip!

  2. Sounds like a great place, although if I was in Decatur, you know I'd have to go over to Big Bob Gibson's 🙂

  3. I appreciate the info on TSA pre check. After my last trip I swore I'd never fly again! I would happily pay $85! Thank you!

  4. Outstanding post!!! I like the tip on the TSA Precheck and LUV the post on Currys. Next time I am that way, I know where I am going.

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