Heavenly Donut Co. {Birmingham, AL}

Heavenly Donut Co. {Birmingham, AL} - amazing gourmet doughnuts - Reese's Cup, Red Velvet, Maple Bacon - Beignets on Saturday morning.
Chicken Legs have an addiction, and it is really bad! We are totally addicted to Heavenly Donuts in Birmingham. 
I had heard about Heavenly Donuts for a while, but I had never tried them. I finally gave them try before Amanda and I went on our River Cruise last Summer. We met at Heavenly Donuts before Chicken Legs dropped us off at the Atlanta Airport.
I couldn’t believe I waited so long to give these donuts a try! They are amazing! They have tons of choices and every one of them tastes great!

Heavenly Donut Co. {Birmingham, AL}
The Heavenly Donut Co. is located near the intersection of I-459 and Hwy 280.
It is behind the Colonnade Shopping Center.

Heavenly Donut Co. {Birmingham, AL}
On our first visit, we tried a variety of donuts.

Heavenly Donut Co. {Birmingham, AL}
Vanilla Sprinkles

Heavenly Donut Co. {Birmingham, AL}
Maple Bacon – seriously?! 
It was really, really tasty!

Heavenly Donut Co. {Birmingham, AL}
Caramel Iced

Heavenly Donut Co. {Birmingham, AL}
Vanilla Cake Donut

Heavenly Donut Co. {Birmingham, AL}

Heavenly Donut Co. {Birmingham, AL}
Red Velvet – swoon!

Heavenly Donut Co. {Birmingham, AL}
Reese’s Cup – OMG! I was totally dying over this one!
I love anything peanut butter and chocolate!
They need a Butterfinger Donut too!

Heavenly Donut Co. {Birmingham, AL}
After several trips, we each have definite favorites.

Heavenly Donut Co. {Birmingham, AL}
I am in love with the Strawberry Iced Donut. 
It might be my #1 favorite.

Heavenly Donut Co. {Birmingham, AL}
You can’t go wrong with the Oreo donut.

Heavenly Donut Co. {Birmingham, AL}
The Sour Cream Old Fashioned is my favorite cake donut.
I’m not really a cake donut girl, but the Sour Cream Old Fashioned is really, really good!

Heavenly Donut Co. {Birmingham, AL}
Chicken Legs is a big fan of the Iced M&M Donut.

Heavenly Donut Co. {Birmingham, AL}
His all-time favorite is the Maple Iced.

Heavenly Donut Co. {Birmingham, AL}
My second favorite is the Chocolate Sprinkles.
I usually get one Strawberry Iced and one Chocolate Sprinkles.

Heavenly Donut Co. {Birmingham, AL}
They have seasonal sprinkles. LOVED this one for Valentine’s Day!

Heavenly Donut Co. {Birmingham, AL}
Every Saturday morning, from 7:00am – Noon, they serve beignets.
You can get an order of 4 or 12.
They are so good!
Don’t wear black, there is a TON of powdered sugar on top!!
If you are in Birmingham, Heavenly Donut is a must!
Take a dozen for the trip back home!!

Heavenly Donut Co.
4911 Cahaba River Road, Suite 105
Birmingham, AL 35243


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  1. OH MY! I love donuts. They are my weakness. I want to try the maple bacon one!
    Stephanie from Principal Principles

  2. Fellow addict here! I have never cared for cake donuts myself, but Heavenly has made me change my ways. Triple chocolate is my fave! I am now also a stalker of their new donut truck! So fun to see you blog about them!

  3. I love Heavely Donut Co! I got hooked a couple of years ago, too bad they don't have a shop in Tuscaloosa….or maybe that's a good thing!! That Reese's Donut though, will change your life!! My absolute fav!

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