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War Eagle!

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It’s time for the Iron Bowl! The Iron Bowl, for those of you that don’t know, is the annual football game between Auburn and Alabama. In the state of Alabama, the most important thing is not your religion, political views or your race. The most important thing is “Who are you for?” – Auburn or Alabama. Football is king. I am AUBURN!
I have seen all the “cool” food bloggers making rainbow cupcakes, and I thought why not Auburn cupcakes?! I just used a cake mix and made half the batter orange and half blue. They turned out SO cute!

I also make some really cute cupcake wrappers.  I used the official game shirt from Tiger Rags as the decoration on the wrappers.

I know it is a long shot for Auburn this year, but I still can’t wait for the game.

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  1. HA!! not race or religion, but football!!! Don't I know it? You see, I am one of your dis-liked opponents….LSU!! although not so disliked this yr…we suck!!

    Oh so adorable cupcakes. I have GOT to do those next yr…only if we get a new coach!! Can't wait to read thru your blog…looks scrumptious!

  2. Chris – you are SO right. Hopefully Auburn paid the refs since we are at home!

    LeaAnn – they would be perfect for the Broncos!

  3. I just realized something…."plain chicken" is the exact opposite of "war eagle". 😉

    Beat 'Bama (but if this season is any indication, you'll have to beat the SEC refs too).

  4. How festive! Love it. I'll be sure to cheer for Auburn. I hate to tell you, but these cupcakes would work very well to celebrate our Broncos. As you know we're orange and blue too.

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