Kraft Recipe Makers – Asian Fish Tacos

Asian Fish Tacos made easy with Kraft Recipe Makers – with video

Asian Fish Tacos made easy with Kraft Recipe Makers - with video
Chicken Legs loves to eat fish tacos. He orders them every time we go to the beach. Since summer is over, I decided to bring a little bit of the beach home with these Asian Fish Tacos.  
This is another recipe from the new Kraft Recipe Makers. Can you believe these Asian Fish Tacos started with a box? I can’t either! 
The tacos are super simple to prepare. Kraft has done all the hard work by making the sauces for you. All of the Kraft Recipe Makers include two sauces and three recipes.  The Asian Fish Tacos included an Asian Ginger Baking Sauce and a Creamy Teriyaki Finishing Sauce. The fish was dipped in the Ginger Baking Sauce and coated in panko bread crumbs. The Creamy Teriyaki Finishing Sauce was used to make a scrumptious Asian slaw. The whole process took less than 30 minutes. 
To show you how easy it is to use the new Kraft Recipe Makers, I made a video – my very first video! 

So, what did you think of the video? Are you ready to run to the kitchen and whip up some Asian Fish Tacos? I am ready to make them again after watching the video!

The video was a family project. My super talented brother shot the video for me at my house. I couldn’t have done it without him! My parents even came up to watch the action.

All the food smelled so good while we were shooting the video. Everyone was dying to try the tacos once we were done; even the cats. Fluffy was pacing the kitchen begging for a bite of fish.

The tacos received rave reviews from everyone, including Fluffy. You could really taste the layers of flavors in the tacos from the two sauces. My Mom couldn’t get over how amazing the slaw tasted. We ended up serving the leftover slaw with dinner that night.

I really can’t say enough about how delicious these Asian Fish Tacos were. This was my very first time cooking fish and it was a total success! Kraft Recipe Makers made the whole process so easy. I love that I only had to add the protein and fresh produce to the pre-made sauces. Kraft Recipe Makers allowed me to make some of the best-tasting fish tacos we’ve ever had without spending all day and night in the kitchen!

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  1. I am not a fish lover but I do make lots of Thai and Asian dishes! These sauces sound just perfect to use with my curry stir fry I make with chicken!

  2. Oh, fun, I'll definitely try this! I have 18-yr old twins who refuse to try fish in any way, shape, or form, but they love Asian flavors and they love tacos, so this will be my secret weapon 🙂

  3. Kinda random, but I really like your voice! You have a cool accent and your voice is really…comforting. Weird I know. Sorry haha

  4. The fish tacos sound really good and this is the second slaw recipe I've seen recently that calls for peanuts. I'm anxious to try that too!

  5. Fish Tacos sound great but I think I would try the Tex Mex Chicken Fajitas Sauce first. I always buy them in restaurants but I have never tried them at home because I did not think I would be able to duplicate the flavor.


  6. I can't wait to try these! I think it would be yummy to use some shrimp instead!

    I'm wondering how the creamy teriyaki sauce would be on pasta, for my non-cabbage eating bunch?

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