Marshmallow Fondant

This was my first attempt at making my own fondant. I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but I was going to try it! It turned out to be a really easy process. I used my Kitchen Aid mixer and it was incredibly simple! Melt marshmallows and mix in powdered sugar. I made two different batches. I colored one pink and left the other one white and just hand-kneaded in the peach color. I will be making my own fondant from now on. It is super easy and MUCH cheaper than buying it.

I made this cake for a co-worker’s baby shower. If you can’t tell, she is having a girl. She requested a strawberry cake with strawberry icing. She gave me a picture of how she wanted it decorated. I worked all night on the cake – rolling the fondant, making the flowers, rolling the fondant. It was hard work but totally worth it to see how much she liked it.

Marshmallow Fondant

16 ounces white mini-marshmallows (use a good quality brand)
2-5 tablespoons water
2 lbs powdered sugar
½ cup Crisco shortening (you will be digging into it so place in a very easily accessed bowl)

Melt marshmallows and 2 tablespoons of water in a microwave: Put the bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds, open microwave and stir, back in the microwave for 30 seconds more, open microwave and stir again, and continue doing this until melted. It usually takes about 2 ½ minutes in total.

Generously grease the bowl and dough hook of Kitchen Aid mixer with Crisco. Pour melted marshmallows into a bowl and add any food coloring. Gradually add the 2 pounds of powdered sugar while mixing on medium speed. If the mix is tearing easily, it is to dry, so add water (about ½ tablespoon at a time then knead it in). It usually takes about 6-8 minutes to get a firm smooth elastic ball so that it will stretch without tearing when you apply it to the cake.

It’s best if you can let it sit, double-wrapped, overnight (but you can use it right away if there are no tiny bits of dry powdered sugar). If you do see them, you will need to knead and maybe add a few more drops of water.

Prepare the fondant for storing by coating it with a good layer of Crisco shortening or cooking spray, wrap in saran wrap and then put it in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag. Squeeze out as much air as possible.

MM Fondant will hold very well in the refrigerator for weeks.

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