Meow Monday

Meow Monday – pictures of cute cats

Meow Monday – pictures of cute cats to start the week. Come see what Felix, Mack, and Mango have been up to! #cats #kittens
2 cats sleeping

Cat Photos to Make You Happy

Happy Meow Monday! I’m here to brighten your day with some photos of cute cats! I know it helps me! I hope it helps you get the week started on the right foot.

Grandpa Felix and Mack have the ultimate bromance!

Keep reading for more pictures and updates!

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Mango baby spends all day and night in her cat tower.
She absolutely LOVES it and this mild weather.
I love her eyes!

Mack is already working on his Valentine’s Day game for the ladies.
I think he has it down! *wink*

Grandpa Felix has been a bit naughty this week.
He PEED on our rug on the patio and in Mack’s bed in the den.
I am NOT happy! I don’t know what is going on with him.
Hopefully, we can get everything straightened out SOON.
Let me know if you have any tips!
UPDATE: We have already taken him to the vet and he is fine. 
She thinks it is behavioral. 

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Meow Monday

Meow Monday – pictures of cute cats to start the week. Come see what Mack & Mango have been up…

Meow Monday

Meow Monday – pictures of cute cats to start the week. Come see what Mack & Mango have been up…

Meow Monday

Meow Monday – pictures of cute cats to start the week. Come see what Mack & Mango have been up…

Meow Monday

Meow Monday – pictures of cute cats to start the week. Come see what Mack & Mango have been up…


  1. I pray Felix will be okay. My mom had a silver tabby. She was really old. As she got old she would Pee outside litter box and other places. Mom could never break her from these incidents. Then again she was 22 years old.

  2. I agree with all the previous replies. If he's healthy, something in his environment is upsetting him. If he peed in Mac's bed, maybe the "bromance" is one sided…could Mac be bugging him? Grandpa actually looks a little peeved in that picture to me. Maybe he needs a little space and some more one on one time with you.

  3. Hi. I had my kitty Thomas for 12 years! He was my best friend. As he got older, he would pee in places he shouldn’t. Basically he was just old and couldn’t/didn’t want to hold it until he got to his liter box. Maybe Felix is simply getting older? Especially since the vet said there was nothing medically wrong with him.

  4. I would add another litter box to your home. If you've recently changed litter brand or scent, he might not like the new litter. I agree with the previous comment about getting a calming agent. I have 4 indoor kitties and we like the Comfort Zone 2x the pheremones diffuser and refill. For us, it works better than Feliway.

    1. Try and think if there has been any kind of change recently. That can cause a behavioral problem. I had a cat who would do that and it was not a medical issue. Catscan be very finicky and he is older.

  5. Excuse the pun… Is he pissed off about something? Definetly make sure hes tested for stuff. I have two 11 year old girl kitties. Used to have three. I still have four boxes because they use them. I have the Feliway Multicat Diffuser plug in things. Good luck.!

  6. Since you took him to the vet and they said he is fine then it could be territorial for him to say… hey this is mine now! Buy some Feliway spray on Amazon and spray everything he's peed on after you wash it all. This helps deter urine marking. It works. Good luck and let us know what happens cause it should work. I've used it before. Lisa Giltner

  7. I agree with your other readers. Something is gong on with Felix. If you have not checked with your vet.please do asap. It is highly unusual for a well cat to go outside his litter box. If the box is dirty – then they MAY go elsewhere..but I am sure that is not the case. As rule of thumb- it is also suggested you also have 1 litter box for each cat…and then one. So you should ideally have 4. They use ALL boxes. Please let us know how Felix is doing. Take care.

  8. We were gone from home ten day during Christmas and our Jet decided to go in the garage to pee instead of using the litter boxes. (My sister comes over and cleans the boxes.). We got Liquid Fence Dog and Cat Repellent at Lowe's and sprayed his spots. It seems to haven stopped the garage visits. It smells STRONGLY of garlic, so I don't think you could use it in Mack's bed.

  9. Hello Steph, I enjoy your pictures every Monday! I would suggest taking Felix to the Vet (if you haven't already) to make sure nothing medically is going on. Sometimes when cats go outside the litter box it could be medical or he's unhappy about something. I'm sure you know cats love routine and something may have happened to upset him. Keep posting the pics of your beautiful fur babies! Thank you!

  10. My first worry for Felix would be cystitis. It's really common in male cats. (I've had three who got it.) If he's never done this before and nothing changed in his environment, you probably need to get him to the vet.

  11. I would have Felix checked for a urinary tract infection. Also, make sure that the kittens aren't bothering him when he's using the box. You'll figure it out!

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