Meow Monday

meow monday

Meow Monday - pictures of cute cats to start your week! Come see what Jack, Squeaky, and Felix have been up to! #cats #cat
It was another roller coaster week at the house. Everyone is still figuring out how to get along. Squeaky is still adjusting to her hair cut. She had a BAD day on Friday but was better over the weekend. Felix’s eye is SO much better, but Jack is headed to the vet today. We have been spending WAY too much time at the vet this past month! Fingers crossed Jack doesn’t have anything major going on.

UPDATE on Jack below!

Felix is doing good. His eye is getting better every day. 
It isn’t swollen anymore. I think he is on the mend! 
Felix is a very lazy boy. He spends most days up in his bedroom sleeping on the bed.
Chicken Legs will go up and bring him downstairs, but he only stays about 20 minutes.
He does like to be outside and eat some catnip and watch a few birds.
He does surprise us from time to time and comes down for a visit.
We are still just letting him set the pace.
I am also still looking for his favorite wet food. I gave him the one the shelter said he liked, but he wasn’t interested. I just keep buying different flavors hoping he will like one eventually.

 Jack is doing MUCH better. He is back to sleeping on the bed and next to me at night.
He isn’t hissing at Squeaky anymore. 
He still isn’t sure about her, but they have never really been friends.
Jack is headed to the vet this morning. The left side of his mouth is bothering him.
He didn’t eat yesterday, so I am worried about him. Probably a bad tooth.
Fingers crossed it isn’t anything major!

Jack is in the early stages of kidney disease. He had acid reflux that has caused some ulcers in his mouth making it uncomfortable to eat.

He has to take Pepcid and get back to eating normally. He will switch to kidney food after he feels better – hopefully, next week.

He came home and ate two whole cans of food and some treats! We are excited and relieved that we caught the kidney disease early and we can help slow the process down.

Squeaky had a roller coaster week this past week.
I took her sweater off on Thursday. She spent the day relaxing and sunning. 
About 3:00AM on Friday morning, she started screaming. 
SCREAMING at the top of her lungs all day. She was meandering around the house and just yelling.
I decided to put her sweater back on. I also gave her a dose of Zylkene, and it seemed to help her calm down.
Little Grumpy Cat is doing good. Her fur is growing back nicely.  
She has been doing great Saturday and Sunday.
She spent all day Sunday on the screened deck. 

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Meow Monday – pictures of cute cats to start the week. Come see what Mack & Mango have been up…


  1. I buy the chunk tuna packed in water (people tuna), also give teaspoon of it over crunchies as a treat. This is also good if you are giving a bit of apple cider vinegar in the food, the fish disguises the taste.

  2. I a have cat similar to Squeaky & her fur was always matted. I started giving her a teaspoon of canned tuna in water every day as a treat & after about 3 months no more matted fur. My vet said it was okay to give her people tuna 🙂

  3. CATS…they will drive you crazy! 🙂 Oh I hope Jack is ok…love that boy! Yes, please keep us updated.

  4. Please definitely update us on Jack through a post. I don't always get to check Instagram. Sending positive vibes Jack's way.

  5. I had an old lady cat who used to do the same thing with the screaming. Its like she was senile and worried that she had misplaced us! By the way, we had a Plain Chicken feast for Father's Day and it was delightful: Steakhouse Pork Chops, Arkansas green beans, and Jalapeno Popper Corn! Everything was so good!! Sending good thoughts Jack's way! (:

    1. Squeaky is definitely old & senile!
      I'm honored you made my recipes for your Father's Day celebration. Those are all AMAZING recipes! SO glad you enjoyed them!!!

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