Meow Monday

Meow Monday

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This might be the biggest Meow Monday update EVER! SOOOOO much happened last week. We went to the vet Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday. We finally got some answers about Jack and a treatment plan. I have a detailed explanation of what is going on with the old boy below. We are going back to the vet this morning. I just hope we can get Jack out from under the bed. He has been hiding because he is scared he has to go to the vet. Hopefully, this can be his last visit for a while.
I also have a great Felix update!


SO, the update on Jack isn’t the best. Two weeks ago we took Jack to the vet because he was having issues with his mouth. The vet ran some tests and checked out his teeth. Jack’s bloodwork came back indicating that Jack was in the beginning stages of kidney failure. They found an ulcer in his mouth that was causing him discomfort. It was related to the kidney disease. He got some Pepcid and anti-nausea medicine. He came home and was good for a few days.

Last week his mouth started getting really bad. He was making a sound like he was eating rocks while he was eating and even when he wasn’t eating. We took back to the vet and they didn’t know what it was and sent us on our way.

WELL, that wasn’t good enough for me. My baby was hurting and not able to eat properly. I needed answers. Chicken Legs made an appointment with a different vet – one that specialized in cats. We took Jack in on Thursday and got a better diagnosis and treatment plan.

Jack has kidney failure, high blood pressure, and anemia. The anemia and kidney failure are related. The vet was fantastic. Jack got some subcutaneous fluids, a B12 shot, a shot of anti-nausea medicine, a Pepcid, an appetite stimulant, AND a shot for his anemia. He took it all like a champ.

We go back to the new vet today to check Jack’s blood pressure. We will also get a prescription for the subcutaneous fluids and the anemia shots. Chicken Legs will administer those at home going forward. Jack will need the fluids once a week and the anemia shots three times a week at first. We will tweak the treatment plan as needed.

We are very happy with the treatment plan and hopefully, we can make Jack more comfortable. He ate well this weekend and isn’t griding his teeth anymore. He is letting us give him his medicine. SO, all in all, it is good. We know that Jack probably doesn’t have years left. We are hoping he can make it to his 16th birthday in October and maybe Christmas. He will let us know when it is his time to go.

Jack had a GREAT visit to the vet today. He is responding wonderfully to the treatment. The vet was very pleased. His blood pressure is back to normal and he gained over half a pound. They were able to get a urine sample this time. His urine concentration was 1123 and normal is 1125 (or something like that). So, he is just under the normal concentration. No crystals or bacteria in his urine. That is great news! 
We will do fluids and anemia shot at home for the next three weeks. We added a kidney medication to his daily routine. I have mastered the pill popper, so we are good there! Overall, it was a very positive visit. We go back on July 19th for a checkup and to check his blood. We are feeling good about his health. I am so thankful to have found a good veterinarian!
Felix has really started coming out of his shell this past week. He is coming downstairs more often. He is eating better and his eyes are finally on the mend. Hallelujah!!! He looks great and is really starting to feel more comfortable. He even has a little pep in his step.????

On a recent vet visit, they took blood from Felix. The results came back that he has slightly elevated kidney levels. We are going to take him to visit the new vet in the next few weeks to get her opinion on his kidney health.


I’ve been pretty down the past couple of months. Nacho Man and Squeaky’s deaths have weighed heavy on me. Jack’s diagnosis this past week really put me over the top. TOO much stress!

I have missed having some action around the house. Jack and Felix are OLD. They don’t do much except sleep. I needed some excitement in the house. We went out to lunch Saturday and ended up adopting not one, but TWO cuties!!! Welcome, Mango & Mackinaw Peach!


Mackinaw Peach

Mango & Mackinaw Peach aren’t littermates. Mango is a 14-week old female and Mackinaw Peach is an 11-week old male. I wanted two orange kittens. I also really wanted a boy and a girl. It was meant to be! We adopted the kittens from the same place as Felix – Kitty Kat Haven and Rescue.
The kittens came into the house and made themselves right at home. Mango slept with Chicken Legs in the bed Saturday night. Mackinaw slept in the cat tower.
Felix loves them – he stayed out all afternoon and watched the kittens. He even touched noses with both of them. I think the kittens might help him be more active. We’ve renamed Felix, Grandpa.
Jack wasn’t near as upset as I thought he would be. He did a little hissing but was really good with them. He stayed on the porch and watched them for hours on Saturday.
Mango is a wild child. She is jumping and climbing on everything. I’ve nicknamed her my flying squirrel. I’m going to have to really watch her when I’m cooking. 
Mackinaw (Mack) is very chill and relaxed. He loved his new bed and mouse. He is a big fan of catnip. He is also a little love bug. He loves belly rubs and sleeping on my chest. His purr is SO loud!
Both of their names are Seinfeld references. Mango from “The Mango” episode and Mackinaw Peach from “The Doodle” episode. Their Instagram account is @mackandmango if you want to follow their adventures. I’ve already taken a TON of photos and videos of them. They are TOO cute!
We’ve only had them a day and a half, but I am already totally in love with them. They are so much fun! I can’t wait to watch them grow up.

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Meow Monday

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Meow Monday

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  1. Oh, how lovely that you have some new snugglefluffs to ease your heartache a little! They are gorgeous babies, and will bring All The Joy into the house!

  2. I've known people who've gotten kittens while their older cat is ailing. I think it can help ones own mood and be a distraction from sickness and death that is to come.
    At the same time, it's usually stressful for the older cat. As long as the older one has refuge from the new bundles of energy and is still comforted and given the bulk of attention, he can probably find peace with sharing with the kittens. And, fortunately, youngsters need to play so much, that there will be plenty of time for your original guy.
    Glad you found a good cat vet. They're hard to come by.

    1. The vet was very optimistic today. She didn't seem to think death was near for Jack. She literally saved his life and we couldn't be happier.

      Jack is actually enjoying the kittens – as long as they don't get too close to him right now. He likes to watch them play. Don't worry – he is the king of the house.

  3. Wow, you have been through the wringer. I have done the sub-q fluids and Vitamin B12 injections. That is sub-q too. There is a schedule you do for so many weeks then once a something {I don't remember} I just know I could manage it. Did the vet put the boys on a renal diet? I will be thinking about you. I have walked and am walking in your shoes. I lost 3 indoor and 1 feral last year from June-October. I hated 2018. Truly, I haven't gotten over losing them yet. I hurt so badly. Your sweet kittens will help your boys once they feel good. My cats have spraying "issues" so I am not adding to my family. There's 4 left indoors and 2 ferals outdoors. The zen is definitely missing from lmy home.

  4. One of the older cats (think it is Felix) – IF he spoke human, it would be in a voice that sounded an awful lot like Sam Elliott's…great pics ad wonderful stories. I must have missed the reason for all those beautiful ORANGE cats…?

  5. Oh they are just as cute as can be!
    I'm so glad they found you and Chicken Legs.
    We said goodbye to our 12 yr old Molly recently.
    I miss her terribly. So does our 4 yr old Lola.
    So we are waiting for "Bunny" to get her spaying
    and shots so she can officially join our family!
    She is 9 weeks old and was rescued by her foster mom
    from a kill shelter.

  6. Congratulations on the newbies! They are adorable and I'm sure they are filling your house with lots of joy and laughter. There's an amazing FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease) group on FB. Tons and tons of great help and support. Tanya's site is also an excellent reference.

  7. You are such a strong woman and full of courage. Thank God Jack has you. I hope his remaining time, I hope for as long as possible, will be without discomfort. On a happier note, I love, love, love your new kitties. I, too, am in the market for orange. I have always wanted orange but have always ended up with every other color. Since my Snowy died in November, he was 19, I have been missing a fuller house. I still have 3 of my own but something just doesn't feel right. I need more. God bless you and your family and your beautiful fur family.

  8. It seems kidney disease has struck all of my cats over the years. I found a secret with the second kitty to be diagnosed, Fancy Feast! I follow all kinds of boards about Kitty CRF. A lady in England gave me the secret. Sam lived 6 more years; Chloe was 17 when she passed and Rags just turned 20 in August and loves his Fancy Feast. Give it a try, you won't regret it!

    1. YES! Our vet recommended Fancy Feast. I was excited because that is what we already use.

  9. Sometimes you have to vet hop till you find the right fit. Kidney failure took 2 of mine a few years back.
    Love of all pets is great but so hard to let them go.

  10. So sorry to hear about Jack…Lucky him has an awesome family to enjoy & that's what matters! And glad to hear Felix is coming out of his shell too…new kittens can definitely do that with cats. *laughs* Also congratulations on the kittens…they're adorable!

  11. I really admire your love for cats..For me they are Gods greatest beasts,and orange cats are my favorite also.. My heart ached with your recent lost.I lost my eighteen year old Maine coon Ginger this past April. Life in our home is not the same with out some furry kids around .

  12. Congratulations on your newest fur babies. Very cute names. Orange kitties are so adorable, as are all other colors of kitties. I have a variety of them. Enjoy your new kitties. Sending positive thoughts for your senior kitties ????⚘

  13. No! You cannot have Mango! (SNL)!! OMG – they are soooooooo sweet! I can't wait to see them!

  14. In the words of my Father to my Mother a few years before he passed away "If these are the golden years, I'm not so sure I like them!" Aging is hard and watching a beloved pet go through their golden years is difficult. As I have told you before your Squeaky and Jack are twins to my Rowdy and Fancy. Both of mine went through renal failure and one of the signs I saw before anything else was a change in the appearance of their fur. As I have followed Squeaky and Jack I knew that what I thought was just aging in my cats was actually one of the early signs of the renal failure. I have suspected it with Sqeaky and Jack. Your new vet is using the fluid shot treatment I used with Rowdy. He lived for almost a year and a half after the treatments. I hope you have that much time with your sweet Jack to shower him with all the love and care you can give him.

    1. It really is! One tip to tell the kittens apart – Mango has white on her and Mack is all orange.

  15. Tanya CKD website and email server are great resources for CKD kitties. It has helped me keep my kitty happy during hospice these last 11 months

  16. Awww Steph bitter sweet news. I'm so happy to hear about the new additions, yes I do know pet lost is tough. I surely believe peach & mango will have a wonderful home & U will be enjoying their antics.

  17. Hi Stephanie, I truly admire how you've kept your sanity and continued blogging with all the kitty trauma of the past months. Lots of heartache and anxiety, for sure; but you sought the best remedy by getting your 'orange M&Ms'!! What cuties they are, and I'm so happy for you and C.L. Also, while I feel so sad for Jack, I'm glad you found a competent vet for his problems. Aging kitties do seem to have kidney problems, but I'm glad Jack is feeling more comfortable. And Grandpa Felix is looking even more handsome! I just love reading Meow Monday, but have felt apprehensive of late with all that has happened. Nice update this time. Take good care!

    1. LOVE the nickname "orange M&Ms" – it is perfect!
      I feel your apprehension. It has been so tough lately. Hoping the new kittens will help alleviate stress!

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