Meow Monday

Meow Monday – pictures of cute cats to start the week. Come see what Felix, Mack, and Mango have been up to! #cats #kittens

orange cats sitting outside

Cat Photos to Make You Happy

I don’t know about you, but I need Meow Monday more than ever! There is a lot of difficult news out there right now, and I really enjoy taking a break with some cute cat photos.

All of the cats had a great week. They took lots of naps and relaxed on the porch. We are still working on the best way to give Mango her medicine. If you have any tips on how to give a cat a pill – send them my way!

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orange cat with chewy box

Boxes are Mack’s second favorite thing in the whole world. The first being a good nap! He loves to chew and tear up the cardboard and make a mess. I’ve never seen anything like it. The boy can tear through a box in no time flat!

orange cat sitting on stool

Little Mango is doing good. We are still trying to figure out the best way to get her to take her medicine. I crushed it up in mayonnaise (she loves mayonnaise) and she took it twice. The third time she spit it all up. I ordered some lickable cat treats. She goes nuts over them, so hopefully, I can crush up the tiny pill and she won’t notice.

Grandpa Felix had an issue this week. He peed on my office rug. While I was sitting at my desk! OMG! We got it cleaned up quickly with some Anti-Icky Poo Spray. I can not figure out what his deal is. We’ve taken him to the vet twice and nothing is wrong with him. Chicken Legs is still taking him outside for his adventures. I guess he is just a jerk. LOL!

I hope everyone has a PURRFECT week! Be safe!


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Meow Monday

Meow Monday – pictures of cute cats to start the week. Come see what Felix, Mack, and Mango have been…

Meow Monday

Meow Monday – pictures of cute cats to start the week. Come see what Felix, Mack, and Mango have been…

Meow Monday

Meow Monday – pictures of cute cats to start the week. Come see what Felix, Mack, and Mango have been…

Meow Monday

Meow Monday – pictures of cute cats to start the week. Come see what Felix, Mack, and Mango have been…


  1. I’m a feline herbalist- have had great success with both female and male kitties who have urinary issues by making parsley tea – yes, that’s right, good old parsley tea – and giving the kitties 2 mL in a syringe twice a day. Haven’t used antibiotics for this situation in years. Besides, giving kitties parsley tea is a no-brainer – it’s green, tastes like something from outdoors and they take it with no problem! Insert the tip of the syringe in the side of the mouth and give it in a couple of gentle pushes – don’t gush it in their mouth! Bet the older kitties will feel better as well as not pee in inappropriate places! Good luck!

  2. I hate when I have to dose my cats! As a few other commenters suggested, Greenies Pill Pockets are a godsend for me. I encase the pill into the soft chew, and my kitty gobbles it up~no problem! She would eat the pill pockets for a snack, if I allowed her to, but they’re saved for dosing only! If you try this, hope you’re successful. My cat loves the poultry flavored one.

  3. None of my cats like to take any medicine. The only way I could get a pill in them was with the pill shooter. I had to put the pill in the end of the shooter, scruff the cat’s neck and inject the pill into the back of throat. Then I would blow in their face to encourage them to swallow. Otherwise they would spit up the pills or try to bite my fingers. I also called them my little houdinis. At least it was 1/4 of a blood pressure pill, not very big.

  4. I used to have to give my Gracie a pill for when she had seizures. The vet told me the best way to give it was to grab her face and gently apply pressure to open her mouth then drop the pill down. It was easier than trying to disguise it in a treat or food. It got easier to do the more you get use to doing it.
    Hope this helps. I feel for you since I know how it is with a cat having seizures.

  5. I use a pill plunger when I had to give my cat thyroid medicine. I would put him between my legs on the floor, open his mouth and use that to get it far enough back. Then you can massage his throat. Pills and cats are never easy.

  6. I’ve had to dose my kitty quite a bit for her allergies. If you get a few dosing syringes from your vet, you can crush up the pill into a very fine powder and mix with about 2ml of water, then just shoot the water into her mouth from the side.
    I find liquids to be easier anyway…no chance of them not swallowing.
    Hope this helps!

  7. I tried wrapping Spikey’s pills in anything he loves but he always figured out that there was a pill inside. So now I have his vet
    give him the liquid form of his medicine. I use a syringe and while my husband holds him, while holding his hands, I open his mouth and squirt the liquid into his mouth. He is 18 years old; I have had him for 17 of those years. He is just a wonderful cat, like everyone else’s cat. I can’t imagine life without him. If you have someone to help you this may work. I hope so for Mango’s sake.

    1. There is a really simple answer I discovered years ago. They are called PET PILL GIVER. It is a 10” stick with a split nipple on one end to hold the pill and a little plunger tab on the other. Just load the pill I. The split end, have someone hold your cat or dog, gently squeeze on their cheek at the very back of their teeth, which makes them open their mouth. Put the pill giver far back in their mouth and hit the plunger tab, and the pill is gone. Works every time. So. I have better than trying to push a pill with your finger, as your fingernail can easily hurt the animal! I order them 10 at a time and give them to friends with pets.

  8. Did the vet do a full blood work on Felix? I know they’re costly but can usually show some problem. My male cat had urinary blockage from eating dry food. Vet said old advice about giving them dry food only is not true any longer. Soft food only.
    Also try a different cat litter. Sometimes cats start not liking the existing litter. Go figure…….cats are confusing critters at times.

  9. You might try Greenees Pill Pockets for giving the meds. My cat Maui likes them, there’s different ones. I use them for keeping her teeth clean😁😺

  10. Grandpa Kitty may have a kidney or urinary tract infection. Get a second opinion and don’t blame the poor cat, especially since he’s a senior. He may have bladder issues or maybe he’s getting a little dementia period yes, cats get senile and dementia also

  11. Hi Steph, I hope the likable treat works, that’s what I use to get my kitty to take her pill. I crush it and put some Bisque likable treat on a spoon mix it and she licks it right up. She even has to make sure the back of the spoon is clean.. love her!!!!! GOOD LUCK

  12. Cute cats!! I find the best way to give a cat medicine is with a pill gun/pill popper. Get someone to hold the cat in a towel (covering all legs so that they can’t scratch you) and pop the pill down their mouth using the pill popper. Massage their throat afterwards to help them swallow.

  13. Just look at those beautiful kitties……lazy, hazy days of summer…..I love Meow Monday. Wanted to let you know I tried the Million Dollar Chicken Casserole and it is great. Serve it with a fresh garden or fruit salad and it’s all you need. Thanks for all the great recipes….

  14. Hello,
    I had to give pills to my cat before and I used a pill dispenser I received from the vet. I got the pill and dispenser ready and then I put the cat on the edge of the bed and I stood behind with his rump against my thighs so I could keep him in place when he tried to get away then I used the dispenser as close to the back of his throat that I could get and shot the pill down. He didn’t like it but I was able to get his much needed medicine in safely. It worked and I made sure to give him some extra love afterwards. I feel for you because it’s hard giving a pill to a cat. Good luck 😸

  15. I have 3 cats,also. About the pill situation, grab a tight squeeze of skin behind the neck, pull back and pop pill in towards the back of the throat. Hold mouth closed and massage throat. When you hold them this way, it doesn’t hurt them. She may be mad at you for a little while, but that’s how I do it.

  16. For Mango – Pill pockets, pill popper (with cat wrapped in a towel), and Velveeta… Or else the old fashioned way – shove it down her throat and watch to make sure she doesn’t spit it out. I’d wrap her in a towel for this too.

    For Felix – Comfort may help but I have a cat who pees on beds to mark her territory in my multi-cat home. It’s a tough one. He also may not like sharing a litter box.

  17. Steph, there’s also a product endorsed by Jackson Galaxy aka the cat daddy and his picture is on the product. Its called Tomlyn Pill-Masker paste. 4 oz. Jar. At for $7.29. Its for cats & dogs and is bacon flavored. Check it out! Hope this works. Will be back if I have other ideas. Lisa Giltner

  18. Love your kitties. Have you tried just to stand behind Mango and open her mouth and pop in the pill? I have to give pills to many of my cats throughout the years and this is the only way I can get the pill in. After I get the pill in their mouth, I hold, gently, the mouth closed until they lick. I sometimes gently rub their throat. Hope this suggestion helps.

  19. Back in 2001 I found a pharmacy that would have liquid for any pill that my cat needed. I don’t know if they still do that or not but that made it easier. Oh, and I had an option for flavors too. I had to wrap my cat in a towel to even give the liquid to her & she still wanted to fight but once she tasted it she liked it. But good luck!!
    Think Grandpa wants his own litter box? Cats are a funny mystery!!

  20. Grandpa Felix is an older kitty. Could there be a possibility that he is suffering from kitty dementia? You might want to talk to your vet about it. I am happy to hear Mango is doing better also; giving pills to a kitty is never easy. I love all your Meow Monday posts; they brighten my Mondays. Take care.

    1. We recently had to pill a very fussy 14 y/o cat. 1 pill a day. Decided to do it in 2 sessions … crushed 1/2 pill and put it in a tiny bit of her favorite food ( cat tuna) morning and night. Once she ate her tuna with pill, I gave her more wet food.
      We didn’t give her access to wet food in between, just her dry food. Picked up the dry food several hours before the 2nd feeding and repeated the process. It went surprisingly well. And we weren’t stressed. She can be quite stubborn and I usually stress over it. Lol
      It went well for the entire week of meds
      Hope it works for you too! Cat Mom and Nellie ps now we’re back to normal and she’s well.

  21. I love your cat Monday’s. Keep them coming. They start my week off with a smile. When you see my email name it is nerak, which is Karen backwards. My Dad called me that all my life. Just a little childhood memory. You all 5 have a wonderful week. I look forward to next Monday. Karen

    1. If you crush the pill mix with a little water to dissolve. Then get a small syringe and shoot just inside her cheek. Or get an irrigation syringe from the vet. They are curved and easy to insert in the corner of the mouth or between her lips. You may need a little more water because these are larger syringes.

  22. When I had to pill my cat, I used Velveeta.
    I would give her a very tiny piece to get her taste buds going and wanting more… then I would sneak in the pill into the next piece. Worked great.

  23. We crushed up our cats pills and mixed them with the spreadable type cream cheese. She loved it! We never had a problem giving her those pills twice a day when they were mixed with just a touch of cream cheese.

  24. I learned how to give my cat pills on YouTube. With practice, both you and the cat will become used to it, but it takes a minute!

  25. I tried wrapping pill in small amount of cheese but but eventually my Levi figured it out and somehow just ate the cheese. Someone suggested a little bit of braunschweiger and it works great! He loves it(so do I 😋) Good luck!

  26. When I’ve had to give my cats pills, I crush the pill in some water or chicken broth and use a syringe to give it to them.

  27. Hi Stephanie:
    Abby, my cat, is given a small pill every 3 days. I use “Kitty Kaviar”, fish flakes, put a pinch in her dish, place the pill on top, rub the pill and the flakes together several times to get the fish smell on the pill. and place the pill back on top of the small pinch of flakes. Then, I say to her, ” eat your pill” everytime I give it to her. Always a success.

  28. I think Greenies makes a pill pocket treat for cats. Our vet gave us a few to administer pills for a sick cat
    They are soft like a treat and have a “pocket” for the meds.Our cat loved them. Hope this helps. Good luck

  29. I’ve given my cats a pill with a bacon paste from chewy it slides right down! Good luck! Some people use pill shooters!

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