München in Munich {Segway City Tour, Oktoberfest, Dachau, Neuschwanstein Castle}

We finished cruising down the Danube with Gate1 Travel and hopped on the bus to Munich. Since our flight home was out of Munich, we decided to stay and explore the area for a few days.
We were dropped off at the airport and took the train into Munich.
The train is the way to go.
It cost €20 for a family ticket (good for up to 4 people) or €11 an individual ticket.
We dropped our luggage off at the hotel and  starting exploring.

We hopped on the train and got off at the Marienplatz station.
Marienplatz is in the heart of Munich and home to the Glockenspiel – Town Hall.
The Glockenspiel is SO beautiful.
We got lucky and arrived just as the chimes were going off.
We got to see the show in the New Town Hall tower.
There were plenty of amazing flower boxes.
I can’t wait to plant my very own window flower box this spring!
This church had hundreds of origami birds cascading down from the ceiling.
We also did a little window shopping on Maximilian Street.
All the stores decorated with pretzels in honor of Oktoberfest.
Segway Tour
We took a Segway tour from City Segway Tours.
It was great! This was my first time on a Segway and I absolutely loved it!
We went all over Munich.
My favorite thing was watching the street surfing outside the English Garden.
Neuschwanstein Castle
We took a day trip to see Neuschwanstein Castle.
Neuschwanstein Castle was the inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

We took a tour with Pure Bavaria Tours.

Our tour guide was Mario. He was great!

We stopped at a little Bavarian town on the way to the castle.
The inside of the church was breathtaking!
You would never guess this was out in the Bavarian countryside.
The cemetery reminded me of the cemetery in Salzburg.
We grabbed a few pastries from this cute little bakery and kept making out way to the castle.
We made one more stop before we made it to the castle.
We stopped at the Pilgrimage Church of Weis.
The church was originally built in the 1740s.
The church was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1983 and underwent extensive restoration between 1985 and 1991.
The inside was amazing!
I would love to attend a church service here.
Right next door to the church was this cute farm house.
Note the flower boxes!
They had some cute cows grazing in the yard.
All the cows had on bells.
They sounded like wind chimes!
We finally made it to the castle.
Mario stopped and took our picture holding the castle in our hand.
*Excuse the hair. I didn’t have my good hairdryer in Europe, so I was a constant hot mess.*
We took the bus up to the castle and headed straight for the bridge to get some photos.
The castle was built byBavarian King Ludwig II in the mid-1800s.
 The castle has everything from a man-made grotto cave to tons of grand rooms.
The views from the castle were amazing!
This is the bridge where we took the photos of the castle.
I can’t believe I stood on that!
King Ludwig’s boyhood castle Hohenschwangau which sits right next door.
This beautiful bright orange castle was built by Ludwig’s father King Maximilian II.
Beautiful Swan Lake.
After touring the castle, we stopped at an organic cheese farm for a light lunch.
We took a private tour to Dachau with In Their Shoes.
James was an amazing tour guide. We learned so much.
Much more that if we had gone to the memorial on our own.
We met a the train station at 9:30 and got back around 2:30.
Make sure you eat a big breakfast and take a pack of crackers with you.
There isn’t anywhere to eat on the tour.
While Amanda and I aren’t big beer drinkers,
we couldn’t pass up going to Oktoberfest while we were in Munich.

Oktoberfest is like going to the State Fair and Mardi Gras all at once.

These sugared almonds were everywhere at Oktoberfest.
They smelled amazing and tasted even better. I could have eaten my weight in these thing!
All the major breweries have tents at Oktoberfest.
Tent is kind of a misnomer. They are gigantic open air buildings – like as big as a football field.
Before we went, everyone told me that we wouldn’t be able to get into any of the tents because we didn’t have reservations. Well, guess what? We got in all the tents!
We went during the day and it was a breeze to get in.
Our tour guides told us we wouldn’t have a problem getting in even if there was a wait since there were only two of us.
Amanda ate this Ox sandwich. She said it was good.
I couldn’t bring myself to eat Ox.
We got a sugared pretzel inside the Hofbrau tent.
We paid €3 to get into the “family friendly” area at Oktoberfest.
They serve the beer in old-timey mugs. You can see some on the table.
After checking out all the tents, we went back to the Hofbrau tent and got a beer and a pretzel.
We also got some brats.
My Oktoberfest bucket list was complete!!
There are so many fun fair rides at Oktoberfest.
So fun and so pretty at night!
I couldn’t get enough of this ferris wheel!
What We Ate
This was my favorite place that we ate in Munich.
We split a Pork Knuckle and Potato Dumplings.
Both were delicious. I could have eaten 10 of those potato dumplings!
Cheesy Spätzle topped with fried onions – amazing!
We got the sugared pancake with almonds and raisins for dessert.
We ate lunch the Weisses Brauhaus.
We split the white sausages,
Cheesy Spätzle,
and a pork cutlet stuffed with ham and cheese!
For dessert we got the sugared apple fritters.
We ate doughnuts at Cafe Frilehhut Schmalznudeln.
We also found a Streuseltaler.
It wasn’t as good as the one we ate in Regensburg, but we managed to eat the whole thing!
Thanks to my friend, Katherine (grass-stains.com) for turning my photos into watercolors!
I loved my time in Munich. We got to see so much in a short period of time.
I can’t believe I got to go to the real Oktoberfest. SO much fun!
After 17 days in Europe, I was ready to head home.
In case you missed the previous posts about my 17 Day European Trip you can read them here:
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  1. Great post! It took me back to my trip to Germany – so many beautiful places to see!

  2. It's not the food or scenery that's my favorite photo from this leg of your trip … IT'S THAT COW. LOVE HIM.

  3. Great post, and your photos are fantastic. We cruised down the Rhine River last month and the Danube is next on my list, hopefully next year. Thanks for taking us along on your wonderful vacation.

  4. Once again, beautiful pictures! I have been to Germany once and I definitely want to go back now that I have seen your pictures.

    Those cows with the bells ringing all of the time must be crazy!

    I volunteer to be your travel partner – you do it right!

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