SEC Football & Atlanta Bar Crawl

Earlier this month, we took a road trip to Atlanta for the SEC Championship game. 

We met up with my parents and football family for lunch.
It was crazy crowded downtown. We could only get a table at Ted’s Montana Grill.

This was my first time dining at Ted’s. 
I got the chicken because I couldn’t risk getting bison instead of beef.

After lunch we met up with my brother at the Georgia Dome.

Pre-game selfie.
That is my brother on the left.

Our friends, Kevin and Amanda, were at the game. 
Chicken Legs took this hilarious selfie of us.
I’m still laughing at this one!

The game was very exciting. 
It was one of the highest scoring games I’ve ever seen. 
We said both defenses must have been across the street at Taco Mac having drinks.

After the game, we hopped in an Uberx car and headed to Ormsby’s.
I loved Ormsby’s. 
It was super crowded so we didn’t get to take advantage of all the games in the basement.

My brother turned us on to a new whiskey. 
Slow and Low
It is like a pre-made Old Fashioned. 
I am in love with this stuff!
It is great on the rocks with an orange peel.

We had the boiled peanuts and pimento cheese fritters at the bar.
I’m not a fan of boiled peanuts or pimento cheese, but I loved these. 
The boiled peanuts were really salty and really good. 
The pimento cheese fritters were fantastic! I would definitely get them again.

We paid our tab and hopped in another Uberx car.
We headed over to TAP.

We each got a drink and a taco. 
I had the shredded beef taco with fried jalape├▒os, pico de gallo and cheese.
I could have eaten about 3 of these.
We settled up at TAP and grabbed another Uberx car.
This time we headed to Proof and Provision. 
It is on the basement floor of the Georgian Terrace hotel – across the street from The Fox Theater.

My brother ordered us each a “Firm Handshake”
This was definitely firm. It was much better after a splash of water.

We ordered a couple of snacks. The wings and chicken biscuit. 
Loved both of these – a lot!
We ended the night at Joystick.
Joystick is an old school arcade bar.

It’s on!
We all sucked at the games, but it was fun.
I was a waste of a quarter!

End of night selfie!
We got one final Uberx car and headed back to the hotel.
I can’t believe we were able to do this all by ourselves. 
We don’t have these cool transportation options in Birmingham!

We stopped by the front desk when we got to the hotel and picked up our cookie.
They weren’t ready when we checked in. Thank goodness!
It really hit the spot!

The next morning we met my family for brunch at Harper Station.
Harper Station is located in Reynoldstown.

We started with the Cat Head Biscuits.

Homemade Sausage – it was yummy!

Omelet of the day – roasted chicken, spinach, mushrooms and goat cheese. 
It was served with potatoes.

I got the whole grain pancakes and bacon. 
It was healthy because it had whole grains – right?
After lunch we hit up Trader Joe’s!
I can pass up Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s!!

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  1. I really like this post Stephanie. So fun to see outings from other cities. Looks like you did it up right! And I love the selfies. I've only taken one, it was in Germany, and it took me 10 minutes to get it set up right. ­čÖé I've never had boiled peanuts. Don't think you'd find them here in Denver. Happy New Year.

  2. Wow what a fun filled two days you had – it made me tired just reading about it – ah to be young again. A great year to be an Auburn fan – glad you got to go to the game – are you heading for Pasadena?

    1. We are going to the National Championship game! We didn't go in 2010, so I'm super excited to go this time. It is so unexpected after last season!

  3. Wish you could have gotten out to Decatur – such an amazing food scene. The center square in town is ringed with restaurants, pubs and general deliciousness!

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