Segovia Spain {Day Trip from Madrid}

Segovia, Spain – a great day trip from Madrid. The Roman Aqueduct is not to be missed. Make sure to stay until sunset to see the shadows! The Cathedral of Segovia is beautiful and the Alcazar of Segovia was an inspiration for Cinderella’s Castle! A must on your trip to Spain!


Segovia, Spain - a great day trip from Madrid. The Roman Aqueduct is not to be missed. Make sure to stay until sunset to see the shadows! The Cathedral of Segovia is beautiful and the Alcazar of Segovia was an inspiration for Cinderella's Castle! A must on your trip to Spain!

On our second day in Madrid, we took another day trip. We took the train into Segovia. It was about an hour train ride. Unlike Toledo, you can’t walk from the train station to the old city. Fortunately, there are plenty of cabs to take you right down to the city. They are also plenty of cabs so when you want to return to the train station.
Segovia is very beautiful! It is also very walkable. We walked a ton. I felt like we walked uphill all day! It was a lot of fun, and I’m so glad that we went. 
Keep reading to see this picturesque town!

You are welcomed to the city by the ancient Roman aqueduct.
It is one of the best preserved aqueducts in the world.

The aqueduct is thought to have been built in the 1st century AD.
The aqueduct once transported water from the Rio Frio river, situated in mountains 11 miles from the city.

It consists of about 25,000 granite blocks held together without any mortar, and spans 818 meters with more than 170 arches, the highest being 29 metres high.

We passed Iglesia de San Esteban on our way to the Segovia Cathedral.
It is an old Catholic Church.
We tried to get inside, but it was locked up.
It looked like they were working on restoring it.

Segovia Cathedral is the last gothic cathedral built in Spain.

It is located in the main square of the city.

The cathedral was built between 1525-1577.

Look at the ceiling!

The cathedral was one of the most beautiful cathedrals I’ve been inside.

You can get a better view of the tower from the courtyard inside the cathedral.

I loved this separate worship area. 
It was gated and locked, so I couldn’t really get a good shot of the whole thing.

The cathedral was BEAUTIFUL!

The Alcazar of Segovia, the royal palace built on a stone peninsula between the rivers Eresma and Clamores. It was a favorite residence of Alfonso X the Wise and Henry IV, and Isabella the Catholic was crowned Queen of Castile in Segovia’s Plaza Mayor

The Alcázar was originally built as a fortress but has served as a royal palace, a state prison, a Royal Artillery College and a military academy since then. It is currently used as a museum and a military archives building.

We hiked down this mountain, across a bridge and back up another mountain to get this photo.
I seriously thought I was going to die! LOL!
BUT, it was totally worth it.
It is said that this is one of the inspirations for Cinderella’s Castle in Disney World.

Well, until we had to hike down and back up to go inside the castle!

The castle was very ornate. I LOVED all the ceilings!

The  Hall of Kings was my favorite room. 
It has a statue representing all of the Spanish Kings and Queens going around the top of the room.

Look at that ceiling!!

The view of the city from the castle are great!

You get a great view of the cathedral and the walls around the city.

After all of our hiking we grabbed a quick bite from Granier.
We LOVED these croissants filled with ham & cheese and little hot dogs.
The mini croissants were THE BEST!!!
We got an assortment – some were dipped in dark chocolate, white chocolate and this one that was drizzled with a little bit of both.

This croissant was worth the trip! YUM!

When we were heading back to the train station, we stopped to take more photos of the aqueduct.
I LOVED the shadows it cast at the end of the day!

Segovia is a fun and easy day trip from Madrid. It is incredibly beautiful!
I highly recommend taking the train over to Segovia.

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