Sweden, Part 1 {Gothenburg, Marstrand, Villa Sjotorp, Lysekil, Fiskebackskil}

If you follow the blog, you know I went on a trip to Sweden in August. I spent 8 nights in Sweden with my friend, Amanda (kevinandamanda.com). Today I’m going to tell you about our first four days.
Day One
picture from Amanda

As soon as we got off the plane, we headed to Volvo to pick up our ride. We got to drive this beautiful XC60 for the whole trip. It was SO nice. 

Did you know that if you buy a Volvo, they will fly you to Sweden to pick it up? They will fly you over, put you up for the night and bring you to the factory to pick up your car. You can keep it while you vacation in Sweden and they will ship it to the US for you. SO cool! I am seriously considering getting one the next time I get a car. I’d love to take Chicken Legs to Sweden!

After we picked up our ride, we checked in the hotel and starting thinking about dinner.
Gothenburg was having a cultural festival.
We decided to walk over to the food festival and find dinner. Everything looked amazing!
We went to bed early, since we had both been awake for over 30 hours.
Day Two

Day two started with a Foodie Walk around Gothenburg. 
This was one of my favorite things about the whole trip.
We met a tour guide and she took us all around to sample some of the best food the city had to offer.
We stopped in a Brod o. mer for a cinnamon roll and cardamom bun.
They were both SO good. 
I could eat that cardamom bun every single day!

We also checked out Juice Kallan.
It is a popular juice bar. 
It was super fresh! They don’t cut up any of the fruit until you place your order.
I got the Orange Lifestyle – orange, pineapple and lime.
I loved it!

Our tour guide dropped up off at the famous Fish Church for lunch.
The Fish Church is a fish market downstairs and Restaurant Gabriel is upstairs.
Notice the butter being served in the oyster shell! So cute!
Our lunch was a fish lovers dream!
They served us a ton of food. We could have easily split it and been fine.
Our Foodie Walk tour guide told us to be on the lookout for Lion and the Bear ice cream.
She said it was the best. She was right! OMG. 
I got Salted Caramel ice cream. It was the best I’ve ever had!
Day Three
We left Gothenburg and headed to the fishing village of Marstrand. 
We took the ferry over and spent the morning exploring the fishing village.

While we were in Marstrand, tragedy hit. Amanda’s camera died! 
Amanda is an amazing photographer and she can not live without her camera.
She googled and called camera shops back in Gothenburg.
She found one that was open and we found her a new camera!

After our shopping trip, we headed to Villa Sjotorp.
It was a beautiful bed and breakfast with the most amazing views out back.
Dinner was at the hotel.
I had the steak. It came with the most amazing crispy potatoes!
Dessert with pound cake, ice cream and berries.
Day Four
We got up bright and early and headed to Lysekil for an oyster and mussel safari.
We boarded a tiny wooden boat and harvested fresh oysters and mussels.
We ate lunch on a private island.
The boat captain’s wife even made some delicious coconut cake!

After the mussel safari, we took the ferry to Fiskelbackskil.

It was probably the cutest town I’ve ever seen.

We took the boat back to town and checked into the Bed and Breakfast for the night.

We stayed the night at Strandflickorna

The back of the hotel offered amazing views of the city.
We had dinner at the hotel. 
They had THE BEST focaccia bread ever! EVER!

Stay tuned for part two next Saturday!

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  1. Oh, I wish I had known you were in Gothenburg. I have family in Gothenburg and Malmo and we were there visiting with them. Glad you had a good time.

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