Twisted Dogs (Crescent Roll Hot Dogs)

Twisted Dogs - twisted crescent wrapped hot dogs
Chicken Legs recently started a new job and had to go to Chicago for some training.  I took that as an opportunity to eat a few things that he doesn’t care for – one such food, high on his list, is hot dogs!  I like hot dogs, not all the time, but an occasional dog isn’t a bad thing in my book!  I decided to do a literal twist on your regular crescent dog.  Aren’t they cute?!  These were fun to eat and didn’t take any more time to make that a regular crescent dog.  You could add cheese if you wanted to kick it up even more. The trick to these is making sure that is some extra dough at the seam after you wrap the dog; you need some uncut dough at the seam so you can twist it easier. 
Twisted Dogs - twisted crescent wrapped hot dogs

Twisted Dogs - twisted crescent wrapped hot dogs

Twisted Dogs
(Printable Recipe)

2 can crescent rolls
1 package hot dogs (or turkey dogs)

Preheat oven to 375.

Separate each can of crescent rolls into 4 rectangles.  Seal perforations.  Place one hotdog in center each rectangle and fold the dough over the hotdog.  You want a small amount of extra dough (that is not touching the dog) at the seam – this will make it easier to twist.  Pinch edges to seal.  Cut the hot dog into 10 slices – leaving the overhang dough uncut. Place the cut dough onto a baking sheet. Twist first cut portion to the left, and second to the right, repeat this for the rest of the portions. Drizzle twisted dogs with condiments (you could even add cheese) of your choice.

Bake for 20 minutes, or until lightly brown.

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  1. You are one twisted woman!

    Those look great, but I have to admit, Mr. Legs lost points in my book for the first time ever, for not liking hot dogs. Have you checked him for a zipper? He might be an alien or something wearing a human suit;)

  2. These look so cute! My hubby doesn't like hot dogs either (not even a Chicago Dog…helloooo!). I'll have to give this version a try!

  3. These look fabulous! Great job. Chicken Legs doesn't like hotdogs???? geez. 🙂 I have a hot dog about every six months. Love em.

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