What’s For Dinner? {Weekly Meal Plan}

Quick and easy recipes for everyday of the week. Main dishes, side dishes and dessert recipes. Everything is easy to make and guaranteed to please the whole family!

This week’s menu is packed FULL of our favorites!!!
The Sweet Heat Marinade for skirt steak is my #1 marinade recipe for skirt steak.
We LOVE that recipe!!
This week also has my ALL-TIME favorite corn recipe.
I am getting my fat pants ready because this week is CRAZY delicious!!!

Keep reading to get all the amazing recipes!
Main dishes, side dishes and dessert.

Have a delicious week!


3 ingredient Italian BBQ Chicken

Oatmeal Pie - tastes as good as pecan pie without the expense! This pie can be made several days in advance. Serve warm with ice cream. YUM! Great for the holidays.

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