What’s For Dinner? {Weekly Meal Plan}

What’s For Dinner? Weekly Meal Plan

What’s For Dinner? Weekly Meal Plan – A quick and easy recipe for everyday of the week. Main dishes, side dishes and desserts! Something for everyone on this meal plan!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I am moving full steam ahead with Christmas! Have you started shopping? I hate to tell you, but I am completely done. I’ve even wrapped all my presents! It is time to sit back and enjoy all the Christmas baking and movies!!! I’ve got Christmas Vacation lined up for us this week.
This weeks menu is loaded with delicious recipes. I’ve got my FAVORITE Brunswick Stew on the menu. This stuff is SO good! It only takes about 20 minutes to make and also makes a great freezer meal. The secret ingredient is pulled pork from Costco. It is over with the prepackaged refrigerated food. It is just as good as any BBQ joint! Give it a try!
I hope you enjoy the recipes that you try this week!!!

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Club Sandwich Party Rolls -  so good! ham, turkey, roast beef, bacon and cheddar are rolled up (cinnamon bun style!) in soft, fluffy pizza dough. Then they’re drizzled with a brown sugar dijon glaze and baked until golden, gooey, and crispy. They are seriously so good!! I could eat them everyday!! Great for tailgating, brunch, lunch, dinner and parties! Always the first thing to go!
Greek Pasta Salad - seriously THE BEST! I could make a meal out of this pasta salad!!! Penne pasta, olive oil, lemon juice, mayonnaise, Greek seasoning, grape tomatoes, feta and basil. Makes a ton. Great for a potluck. Can easily half the recipe. Easy and delicious side dish recipe!
Better than Jim 'N Nick's Cheesy Biscuits - delicious and easy mini cheese biscuits - I ate WAY too many of these!

Taco Breakfast Casserole Recipe - Taco meat, eggs, milk, cheese, bread and rotel tomatoes - assemble and refrigerate 8 hours to overnight. SO easy and SOOOO delicious! Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Would be great for an early morning tailgate!
Gorgonzola Garlic Bread Recipe - french bread topped with butter, garlic, gorgonzola and parmesan - SOOO good! Great with pasta!
Slow Cooker Buffalo Ranch Pork Chops - only 3 ingredients! These are some of the best pork chops we've ever eaten! So simple and SOOOO good!!!! Everyone cleaned their plate! Great for watching football! Serve over cheddar ranch grits! TO-DIE-FOR! YUM!
Slow Cooker Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin Recipe - fancy enough for a dinner party but easy enough for a weeknight meal! Pork loin seasoned with garlic, rosemary, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper and wrapped in bacon. Top the pork with a quick dijon fig glaze for a restaurant quality meal!!! Pop the cooked pork loin under the broiler to crisp up the bacon. Everybody LOVED this easy slow cooker pork recipe!!
Ranch Style Green Beans Recipe - THE BEST green beans ever! Only 4 ingredients and ready in 20 minutes - you can't beat that! We eat these ALL the time!
Quick Brunswick Stew - ready in 20 minutes! Pulled pork, chicken, lima beans, corn, chicken broth, BBQ sauce, tomato sauce - throw in the pot, bring to a boil and simmer for a few minutes. SO delicious! We made this two weeks in a row. We couldn't get enough of it! YUM!

"Cracked Out" French Bread - crazy addictive! French bread topped with cheddar, bacon and ranch. We could not stop eating this! Serve as a party appetizer or as a side dish to your meal. Either way, this will be gone in a flash!!!

The Best Homemade Cheesecake

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  1. I love your weekly meal plans!! I’ve been completely burned out lately on meal planning – it gets so old!! Thankful to have your ideas to go to! BTW, I was an Auburn Tiger for a short while yesterday! My stripes are of the bayou variety (LSU), but I wore the Auburn ones well yesterday! Haha! THANK YOU, Auburn, for beating Bama! Congrats! ????????????????????????

    1. It was a great game yesterday! I makes living in a town full of Bama fans a little easier for the next 365 days. Enjoy the recipes!!

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