Where to Eat in Barcelona

Where to Eat in Barcelona, Spain – churros, tapas and more! PLUS a life-changing Nutella croissant that you MUST get on your trip to Barcelona!! SO much great food!

Where to Eat in Barcelona - churros, tapas and more! PLUS a life-changing Nutella croissant that you MUST get on your trip to Barcelona!! SO much great food!
Today I’m sharing everything we ate on our trip to Barcelona.
We ate tons and tons of tapas, ham and churros!
We ate some other delicious things as well.
PLUS I’m going let you in on a big secret.
I’m going to tell you where to the BEST Nutella Croissant in the world!
It was life-changing! It is a MUST if you are in Barcelona!
Barcelona was full of amazing food!
We ate tons! It was good thing that we walked SO much!
Keep reading to see everything!

chök – the chocolate kitchen
One of our first stops for food in Barcelona was here at chök.
OMG! It was heaven!
Look at these doughnuts!
We got a mixture of regular doughnuts and cronuts.
They were all TO-DIE-FOR!
We went back to try the Chocolate Kruffin that was filled with Nutella.
It was a croissant (maybe baked in a muffin pan) and filled with Nutella then dipped in chocolate.
Seriously delicious!
You MUST come here if you are in Barcelona!!
chök the chocolate kitchen
c/ del Carme, 3
08001, Barcelona
t: +34 933 042 360
We ate at Somorrostro on our first night in Barcelona.
This place is a hidden gem! OMG!
We found it on Yelp and we were not disappointed.
We split a few items on the menu.
Potatoes with Spicy Sauce – so good!
This Steamed Pork Bun was our favorite thing.
I could have eaten this every single night!
It was seriously delicious!!!
You can’t come to Spain and not get some ham!
We got the Iberian Ham with Tomato Bread.
Fresh bread topped with crushed tomatoes is a thing in Spain. I loved it!
Somorrostro was one of our favorite places that we ate in Barcelona.
I would 100% go back on my next trip!
Carrer de Sant Carles, 11 (Barcelona)
La Barceloneta.
Teléfono: 0034932250010
Brunch & Cake
Brunch & Cake is one of the top places to eat in Barcelona on Yelp.
I have to be 100% honest with you – we weren’t really big fans.
The food is really pretty and perfect for Instagram, but it wasn’t anything special.
EVERYONE at the restaurant was a tourist, and there is a LONG line.
Go early and still be prepared to wait.
We shared a couple of things off the menu.
Matcha Pancakes with fresh fruit.
This is the Chicken Nacho Sandwich.
It is basically a spicy chicken salad served in a pretzel bun with tortilla chips on top.
Good, but not great.
Overall, I really don’t suggest going here unless you want to be “cool” and get some good photos for Instagram.
Brunch & Cake
 19 Carrer d’Enric Granados
Barcelona, Spain 08007
Phone: +34 932 37 87 65
Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria 
The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, often simply referred to as La Boqueria, is a large public market in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona. It is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions.
The market has a very diverse selection of foods – fresh fruit, smoothies, chocolates, ice cream, fish, ham, and more!
It was fun to see all the colorful food!!!
I loved these cute chicken chocolates!
We got a couple of Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches from Mima Ice Cream.
La Boqueria
91 La Rambla
Barcelona, Spain 08001
Phone: +34 933 18 25 84
 Bar Churreria
Bar Churreria were some my favorite churros in all of Barcelona.
SO yummy!!!
They were good alone and even better dipped in the yummy hot chocolate!
You can get churros all over the place in Spain, but it is definitely worth the trip to Bar Churreria in my opinion. The chocolate was delicious and the churros were warm and crispy.
 Churrería Laietana  
46 Via Laietana
Barcelona, Spain 08003
Phone: +34 932 68 12 63
Forn Boix
OK. I’m going to tell you where to get THE BEST chocolate croissant in Barcelona.
It is here at Forn Boix.
We ate TONS of chocolate croissants in Barcelona, and none of them came close to the chocolate Nutella croissant here at Forn Boix. We tried the so-called best chocolate croissant according to the internet and it paled in comparison to this one!
This is what you are looking for.
Cones with chocolate chips on the outside.
This is the inside – HEAVEN!
I’m not even an big chocolate fan, and I ate the whole dang thing!
Good thing we walked over 10 miles a day! LOL!
This is the regular Chocolate Croissant at Forn Boix.
It was good, but nothing compared to the Nutella Croissant.
Bunyols are balls of yummy fried dough. SO stinking good!
Get a few to go with your Nutella Croissant.
Forn Boix
23 Carrer d’En Xuclà
Barcelona, Spain 08001
Phone: +34 933 02 27 82
Xuerria is another AMAZING churro place.
We were the first in line for the afternoon to get fresh hot churros.
I loved the fun shape of their churros. And look at that sugar!!
These churros were stuffed with caramel and chocolate.
I wish I had some right now!
I highly recommend going to Xuerria on your trip to Barcelona.
8 Carrer dels Banys Nous
Barcelona, Spain 08002
 Ciutat Comtal
 Ciutat Comtal is one of the top rated tapas places on Yelp.
We decided to give it try for a quick dinner.
We started with the Patatas bravas – they were served with a creamy garlic sauce on top.
OMG! SO good!
This cheesy lasagna was one of the tapas of the day.
Look at all that CHEESE!!!!
This little croissant stuffed with ham and mozzarella was one of our favorites.
SO good! We became obsessed with ham croissants after this!!
We didn’t have a reservation, but we were seated immediately.
The service was quick and efficient.
The food came out almost immediately! Perfect when you are starving after a long day!
Ciutat Comtal
18 Rambla de Catalunya
Barcelona, Spain 08007
Phone: +34 933 18 19 97
Cerveseria Catalana
Cerveseria Catalana is owned by the same family that owns Ciutat Comtal.
We didn’t realize this until we sat down to order.
It wasn’t a problem since we loved Ciutat Comtal so much!!
We got lucky and got a table outside for lunch.
The only problem with sitting outside is that people smoke outside.
Smoking is my least favorite thing about Europe!
SO, back to the food!
We started with the Lobster Paella.
OMG! It was terrific.
Recognize these? We got two this time!
We also tried some croquettes.
These had ham & cheese in them.
They were crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside.
We finished the meal off with some cheesy meat filled cannolis.
For dessert we started with ice cream.
We also got an eclair. It was good, but not as good as the ice cream!
Cerveseria Catalana
236 Carrer de Mallorca
Barcelona, Spain 08008
Phone: +34 932 16 03 68
FOC – Latin Food & Drinks
FOC is located next to the beach in Barcelona.
Look at their straws! LOL!
We got the empanada trio.
It included a cheese and tomato empanada, beef empanada and chicken empanda.
This is a picture of the cheese empanada. It was so pretty!
The beef empanada was THE BEST!
We wanted to get another round of all beef empanadas!
Crispy and crazy delicious!
The chicken empanada was our second favorite. SO yummy!
I would love to come back and order some other dishes!
66 Passeig Joan Borbó Comte Barceló
Barcelona, Spain 08003
Phone: +34 932 24 11 53
Enrique Tomas
We saw these Enrique Tomas stores all over the city.
We finally decided to eat here after seeing the sign for the Ham Paella.
The paella takes 25 minutes to prepare, so we ordered some other stuff while we waited.
We started with a baguette and ham. YUM!
Our Ham Paella was definitely worth the wait!
SO good!! One pan is more than enough for 2 people.
We couldn’t resist ordering a ham croissant.
This one was brushed with honey butter.
Look at all the ham legs ready to eat!
Enrique Tomas is a ham company that opened company stores to sell their product in.
It was really good. It was also neat to see them slice the ham right off the legs.
Enrique Tomas
various locations around Barcelona
Word on the internets is that Bubó has to-die-for croissants.
We had to check them out! You know, for the blog!
The croissants were really good and flakey.
They were the flakiest croissants I’ve ever eaten outside of Paris.
SO yum!!
10 Carrer de les Caputxes
Barcelona, Spain 08003
Phone: +34 932 68 72 24
Tucco Real Food
We were on the hunt for more empanadas after those yummy empanadas at FOC.
We had an early dinner at Tucco Real Food and couldn’t pass up the beef empanadas.
They were really delicious.
Not as good as FOC. I think that is because they were baked and not fried like FOC.
That being said, we ate both of these in no time flat.
They were good!
We shared a couple of pasta dishes.
This 4-Cheese Ravioli was tossed in a creamy pesto sauce and was ridiculously good!
This Spinach Ricotta Ravioli was tossed in a red pepper cream sauce.
Crazy good!
Dinner also came with dessert.
The Caramel Cookie Cake was delicious!
Kind of reminded me of my favorite no-bake eclair cake.
Tucco Real Food 
27 Carrer dels Còdols
Barcelona, Spain 08002
Phone: +34 933 01 51 91
Hofmann Pastisseria
 As I said earlier, we were on the hunt for the best croissants in Barcelona.
Hofmann Pastisseria has great reviews on Yelp and it noted for their delicious croissants.
I got the Almond croissant and it was delicious!
I ate the whole thing in about a minute!
Hofmann Pastisseria
44 Carrer dels Flassaders
Barcelona, Spain 08003
Phone: +34 932 68 82 21
ARTiSA Barcelona
ARTiSA Barcelona is noted on the internets for having the best chocolate croissant.
We decided that we had to check it out for you!
Well, it was good, but not the best.
No croissant topped the croissant at Forn Boix.
That being said, this chocolate croissant at ARTiSA Barcelona was delicious!
Get one and a some churros and hot chocolate to go with it!
It is a great afternoon pick me up!
ARTiSA Barcelona
2 Carrer de Colom
Barcelona, Spain 08002
Phone: +34 931 86 36 23
So there you have it!
Every thing we ate in Barcelona.
Make sure to bring your stretchy pants! LOL!
Thankfully, we walked 10 to 13 miles a day to walk off all these yummy calories!

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  1. Super helpful post. I've been living in Barcelona for 3 years and I have to say this is very well written and informed. Have you ever eaten a paella at Arume? to me it is by far the BEST. Both duck and seafood paella are to die for, honestly. I totally recommend it, especially considering how hard it is to find good paella in Barcelona.

  2. Your photos are amazing! I have your Barcelona, Toledo and Segovia pages open in seperate tabs and I'm clicking back and forth between them all.

  3. I love this post! It helped my wife and I a lot whilst in Barcelona last week! However, we found that “FOC- Latin food and drinks” no longer sells empinadas. We were so disappointed because the pictures look so yummy.

  4. Don't even know where to start!!! The churros look amazing. I only know this one childs place in Gracia for it, really needed to find an alternative just to try out some other churros!

  5. Okay, those Ham and cheese croissant guys look amazing. Remember how they were listed on the menu in Spanish? Going soon, must eat!

  6. We traveled to Spain last year and had a great time but didn't make it to Barcelona. Need to go back even if it's for the churros and chocolate! Now I need those croissants!!

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