Where to Eat in Las Vegas

Where to Eat in Las Vegas – great places to eat on The Strip. SO much good food. I had the best meal of my life on this trip! Must go back ASAP!

Where to Eat in Las Vegas - great places to eat on The Strip. SO much good food. I had the best meal of my life on this trip! Must go back ASAP!

We spent Chicken Legs’ birthday in Las Vegas. We went to a concert and ate a TON of great food. We hit up all of Chicken Legs’ favorites and managed to fit in a few new places too. 
We are heading back to Las Vegas in November. Let me know your favorite places to eat and fun things to do. I think we are going to go see LOVE at The Mirage. Have you seen it? Is it good? 

We always eat at Grimaldi’s in The Palazzo on our Vegas trips.
I know it is a chain, but the pizza is great and we don’t have one near us.

The pizza is SO good!!! I love their sauce and all that fresh mozzarella!!!

Carlo’s Bakery
Carlo’s Bakery is another MUST on our trips.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the M&M Cookie.
They didn’t have them on our last trip, so I was super excited to get one this time!

A Sprinkle Cookie is always fun!!

This Cookies & Cream Lobster Tail was life-changing!
One of the most amazing pastries I’ve ever eaten!

Look at that Oreo cream inside.
I am already counting down the days until I can get another one!

Golden Steer
We discovered Golden Steer on our last trip.
It is off the strip, but a really quick Uber ride.
We started with the fried ravioli. I could just make this my meal! 

Chicken Legs got a caesar salad…..

and a big fat filet. It was delicious.

He also got a side of mushrooms. 

I went with the Chicken Parmesan. 
Look at all that cheese!!!!!!

Walhburger’s is now open in Vegas. Our Uber driver suggested we go there.
I’ve only seen one episode of the show, so I didn’t really know what to expect.
Well, expect excellence! This place is incredible!!!
We got half tots, half fries.
The tots were good, but the fries were the best!!!

We got Jenn’s Chicken Sandwich. 
It is a grilled chicken breast, topped with caramel onions, fried onions and housemade honey garlic mayo. It was to-die-for!

We got the Double Decker burger.

Two 3-oz patties, lettuce, tomato, onion, American cheese, Paul’s signature sauce, and housemade pickles. 
It was one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten.

They even cooked it to the requested temperature!
I hate ordering my burger medium and it coming out burnt and well-done.
Wahlburger’s was on point!
We were SUPER impressed with the staff and food at Wahlburger’s.
We have it on our list for our next trip. It is too good to pass up!!

Carnevino’s is our favorite place in Las Vegas. We start with Blood Orange Cosmos at the bar and end with dinner.
This time we started with the prosciutto. O-M-G! 
I made cow sounds the entire time I was eating this. It was SO GOOD.
I am 1000% getting this again on our next trip. I might come here every night just to eat this.

We shared the Tagliatelle Bolognese this visit.

I wanted to lick the plate!

The Mascarpone & Guanciale Mashed Potatoes are a must.
I’m not a big mashed potato fan, but I ate the heck out of these potatoes.

We shared the Hanger Steak.
Someone ordered it while we were having drinks, and it smelled SO good.

This was insanely delicious! We might have to get this steak again on our next trip.

For dessert we got the Peanut Butter Chocolate Tart.
It is my favorite. I didn’t want to share, but I did.
Next time I might have to get my own!
I am still dreaming about this meal! It was one of the best I’ve ever eaten.
We will be back at Carnevio in November and we will repeat this exact meal.
SO good!!

The Aranici at Lavo are one of our favorite afternoon snacks.
We love to stop in at Happy Hour for a drink and some fried rice balls.

Sugarcane Raw Bar and Gril
Sugarcane is one of the newer places in The Venetian.
We walked past here and it smelled amazing. We put it on our list of places to eat.
We came here for a midnight dinner after going to a concert.
Their kitchen is open until 3AM. 
Sugarcane is a tapas place. I was excited to try it since I recently went to Spain.
We started with the Crispy Smashed Potato with salsa verde & romesco.

Thai Style Pork Ribs with cilantro, thai basil, crispy garlic
SO yummy!

The 7oz. Skirt Steak with chimichurri was delicious! Cooked to perfection!

Korean Style Beef Short Ribs
Lick your fingers delicious.

We couldn’t pass up the Beignets with Caramel and Chocolate.
We both absolutely LOVED Sugarcane. 
I would definitely recommend coming here for lunch or dinner. 
I loved that the servings were small and we could try several different things. 

Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill
We’ve had drinks at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill in Caesars, but we’ve never eaten here.
We decided to give it a shot!
We started with these gigantic Pigs in a Blanket. 

Chicken Legs went full on British and got the Fish & Chips.
He said it was delicious.

I got the Sliders.

They were really good!! I loved them. 

We *had* to try the famous Sticky Toffee Pudding.

This was my first time having sticky pudding and it won’t be my last!
SO good!!

Carbone is another favorite. We ended our trip here.
Chicken Legs can’t resist their Caesar Salad.
He goes all in with anchovies!

We shared the Prosciutto and Fresh Mozzarella.
They cut the mozzarella at the table.
SO good!

The Spicy Rigatoni is a MUST.
This pasta is so good. It makes me want to lick the plate.
Next time I am not sharing with Chicken Legs!

We shared a delicious steak that was cooked to perfection.

Even though we were stuffed, we shared a piece of Carrot Cake.
It was worth every single calorie!!!!
We are heading back to Vegas in November.
We are mixing it up and staying at The Four Seasons at Mandalay Bay. I’ve stayed there once before, but this will be Chicken Legs’ first time. 
We are going to try some new places on the trip.
I’m thinking about Charlie Palmer’s Steakhouse (we loved it in Washington DC) and Guy’s Kitchen (I want to try his crazy food creations!).

What are your favorite places to eat in Vegas?
We need suggestions!!

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  1. Martaranos @ Paris — I have eaten at the Rio location when it was open and the Hard Rock Hollywood location in Florida. The food is amazing. Definitely recommend the meatball and salad as well as the Rigatoni with Sunday Gravy

  2. We go to Las Vegas 1 or 2 times a year. We love Vegas. We love Battista's Hole in the Wall. Excellent Italian food. I just love the spaghetti and meatballs. My husband gets the lasagna. They give you red or White House wine with dinner and they have a strolling accordion player. Very eclectic place with pics on wall of celebrities who have been there. They have been there for 70 years.

  3. We usually stay at the Linq when we go and then head out of Vegas to do some hiking but we never miss Guy Fieri's Kitchen and Bar…we have had amazing food and service there and it is always reasonably priced too!

  4. I went to Vegas this past February and saw Love. We really liked it! Very entertaining. There was some music that I didn't recognize that was more "war and peace" type of things and they didn't play yellow submarine, but overall, really good!

    The trash can nachos and the Triple T Fries at Guy Fieri's Kitchen and Bar at the Linq were awesome!! I would go back just for those!

    1. I am DYING to get the Trash Can Nachos! They are 1000% on the list for November. Adding the Triple T Fries too!

  5. We are going in October for my birthday and looking forward to trying Carnevino! We also really liked Ramsay's pub and may try his burger place in Planet Hollywood. Another place we like has some yummy Mexican called El Segundo Sol near Fashion Show mall. Great margaritas and good happy hour specials!

  6. We go to Vegas 1-2x per year together. My husband goes a few more times with his poker buddies. Our (current) favorite casual dining options are Nacho Daddy, Grimaldi's, and Lotus Siam. Holstein makes a great burger and Egg Slut is amazing after a long night. I can't think of the correct name but the eggs poached in a jar with crunchy bread on the side is AAAHHHMAAZZING after several cocktails and lots of walking or dancing. We'll be there in 2 weeks and have reservations at Bazaar Meats. I've been to two Gordon Ramsey restaurants and didn't enjoy either place or meal. If you love Asian inspired dishes then NOBU is amazing. I've nevertheless had a bad meal at any location. Viva Las Vegas! ♠️♦️♣️♥️

    1. I have Egg Slut on my list and we love Holstein. I'm off to check out your other recommendations- thank you!!!

  7. We were just in Vegas in June and discovered Bruxie. It's a chicken & waffle sandwich place located by the New York New York. So good!

  8. I love your Vegas posts! My top 3 are Burger Bar in the Shoppes at Mandalay Bay, CUT at the Palazzo and Giada at the Cromwell.

    1. We will definitely try Burger Bar since we are staying down there. I've always wondered if Giada's was good. We'll have to check it out!

  9. Nothing in Las Vegas is worth bragging about. I work at the Wynn Hotel & Casino and this town is for fools. I am an Executive Chef and I know what I am talking about. The town is full of shallow, rude and pathetic people, from all mixes of life.

    1. The town is also full of really lovely people who work hard to provide a great experience for people who travel there for work or vacation. There will be crummy people everywhere. Vegas does not have the lock on bad attitudes and crappy behavior. The one place we do stay away from, however, is the Wynn Hotel after my husband and some other guests got food poisoning from the buffet. I do not mean to imply that is your responsibility as that happened several years ago but it was severe enough to stop us from returning.

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