Where’s The Crust Pizza

Where’s The Crust Pizza – pizza crust made with cream cheese, eggs, garlic and parmesan cheese – no gluten! Top with favorite sauce and toppings. SOOOO good! We love to make this for our weekly pizza night!

Where's The Crust Pizza - pizza crust made with cream cheese, eggs, garlic and parmesan cheese - no gluten! Top with favorite sauce and toppings. SOOOO good! We love to make this for our weekly pizza night!

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This pizza is low-carb and gluten free.  For me, that usually translates into no taste, but this was really good!   The “crust” is made with cream cheese, eggs and parmesan cheese.  It doesn’t sound like it would work, but it does.  You can make the crust ahead of time if you are pressed for time.  It can be stored in the refrigerator or in the freezer.  We were really surprised at how good this pizza was.  We both really enjoyed it, and actually didn’t miss the traditional crust.  It is definitely going in the rotation for pizza night.

Where's The Crust Pizza - pizza crust made with cream cheese, eggs, garlic and parmesan cheese - no gluten! Top with favorite sauce and toppings. SOOOO good! We love to make this for our weekly pizza night!

Where’s The Crust Pizza

Yield: 8 people
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Where’s The Crust Pizza – pizza crust made with cream cheese, eggs, garlic and parmesan cheese – no gluten! Top with favorite sauce and toppings. SOOOO good! We love to make this for our weekly pizza night! Gluten-free, low-carb, and keto-friendly.



  • Preheat oven to 350ºF. Lightly spray a 9×13 baking dish with cooking spray.
  • With a handheld mixer, mix cream cheese, eggs, pepper, garlic powder, and parmesan cheese until combined. Spread into a baking dish.
  • Bake for 12-15 minutes, or until golden brown. Allow crust to cool for 10 minutes.
  • Spread pizza sauce on crust. Top with cheese and toppings. Sprinkle pizza with garlic powder.
  • Bake 8-10 minutes, until cheese is melted.


Can use your favorite pizza toppings.
This is not a crispy pizza crust. I will be firm but soft.
Where's The Crust Pizza - pizza crust made with cream cheese, eggs, garlic and parmesan cheese - no gluten! Top with favorite sauce and toppings. SOOOO good! We love to make this for our weekly pizza night!
Where's The Crust Pizza - pizza crust made with cream cheese, eggs, garlic and parmesan cheese - no gluten! Top with favorite sauce and toppings. SOOOO good! We love to make this for our weekly pizza night!


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  1. This recipe looks almost identical to a recipe I follow for low carb lasagna that is also pre-baked, and in a pyrex dish. Then cut into 1/3 for the lasagna “noodles”. Never thought to try it as a pizza crust. I already know my picky boyfriend inhales the lasagna, so using it as a pizza crust should be no problem!

  2. Made this for dinner tonight and prayed my husband would eat it. He ate his whole 1/2 of the dish!! Very good!!! I used Grated Parmigiano Reggiano in the crust & added some Italian seasoning. I did have to cook the crust for 19 minutes to get it to brown. Definately will make again!!

  3. I love this recipe I have used all flavors of cream cheese!!! Everyone loves it ! My son is type one diabetic and I made lasagna using the the crust as noodles only made them a little thinner, and never told my family they loved it!

  4. I have made both a traditional pizza and a chicken bacon ranch version of this recipe. I was scared this was just going to taste like toppings on an omelet, but it’s not at all like that. Of course, it’s not really like a pizza crust either, but it definitely scratches that pizza itch. This will be in my regular rotation.

  5. This is an amazing Pizza! I just want to share that I doubled the recipe for the crust, and put it into a regular cookie sheet because I thought it might be easier to get out, never having made it before mind you. I baked it a little longer than it said to help firm it up even more. It is absolutely hands-down delicious!

      1. Made the Where is the crust pizza tonight. Love it.
        I am gluten free, so this was the perfect recipe.
        I will make it again.
        Thank you for sharing this.
        J nix

  6. I made this recipe tonight and it was delicious! I wanted make sure the pepperonis & mushrooms were well cooked so I broiled it at the end for an additional 4 minutes. Turned out great, my husband liked it so much he requested that I make it again.😁

  7. What is the dish you used? A casserole dish? It looks different than a normal casserole dish with higher sides. Thank you

        1. I haven’t tried this recipe with low-fat cream cheese, so I can not say. If you try it, let us know how it turns out.

  8. This was SOOO good! I was a little nervous b/c I thought it would be eggy..but nope! It was awesome! This is my pizza go to! You literally feel like you’re eating a fine pizza! I also love that i didnt need almond or coconut flour.
    Thank you!

  9. Delicious! I saved this a while ago and was skeptical about it. I finally made it last night and if I’m being honest it’s because we had no other options – out of our usual substitutes. We loved it! Will definitely make again

  10. Trying this tomorrow so excited as we are trying to eat healthier and I’m craving pizza !!!

  11. This was delicious. Just go in knowing it will be more like a yummy pizza quiche/casserole…you cannot pick it up with your hands. I will for sure make again.

    1. I refrigerated the leftover pizza and the next day it was firm and I could pick it up like a slice of pizza to eat it

    2. I made this tonight, the taste was great. Not sure if I did something but wasn’t able to pick up and eat. I followed the recipe except I broiled for a little at the end. Did you have to use a fork. I am super excited about this recipe, I love pizza but am really trying to stick to my Keto. Thank you for all your recipes

  12. Always looking for keto pizza recipes and this did not disappoint! We used Rao’s pizza sauce with pepperoni sausage and bacon, and added red pepper flakes and Italian seasoning on top— and it was like any meat-lovers pizza! Thank you so much!

  13. Where do you get your sausage? What brand or kind? I can never find a sausage in the store that cooks up like and tastes like sausage used by pizza chains. Italian sausage always has a weird taste to it when I fry it up. It’s not like the sausage from the pizza chains and that’s what this looks like.

    1. I was skeptical because I love crust and eating low carb means giving that up but this pizza is so awesome tasting that you don’t miss regular crust at all. You eat this pizza with a fork but who cares! My picky husband loved it too.

        1. Well, I was skeptical at first in regards to the crust. I literally cooked until golden which was probably close to 10 MORE minutes. ( Not positive because I kept adding 2-3 minutes at a time.) So, it turned out delicious!!! No joke!

  14. Very good!! I cooked my “crust” a little longer to firm up! I also used shredded parm instead of the grated.

    1. This is a staple in our house! Being on a low carb diet, nothing is sacrificed. My whole family loves this recipe. I put salami, bacon, sausage, black olives and mushrooms on it with a little mozzarella cheese on top. Refrigerates well, though it really doesn’t stay long in my fridge anyway! Excellent recipe!

  15. This sounds yummy. Just curious….do you think the crust will be crispier if you bake it on a pizza stone?

    1. The base is quite a thin batter. A baking pan with sides would work best. But maybe after the pre-bake it could be transferred to a pizza stone for final baking… just a guess. But it’s delicious just made as instructed!

  16. This was really easy and good. My husband loved it. It is sort of a cheesecake pizza casserole. Don’t expect a crust. Expect a creamy layer like in lasagna.

  17. This is excellent! Only thing I did different was add oregano to “crust”! I’m on keto and this is perfect! Thank you!

  18. I made this last night and it was amazing… this will definitely be my go to recipe next time I want some pizza!!

  19. This is a keeper for making crust-less pizza. My family gave it a 5 star and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for sharing this easy to make crust for those of us eating low carbs.

  20. Love this recipe! I miss crispy crust but the flavor was perfect. Added a few red pepper flakes and oregano to the crust. Piled on layers of toppings. Even my hubby liked it!!

  21. Made it tonight as a Keto recipe for my husband and I. I used an Italian blend in my crust, I think next time I will use just Parm. I also added Italian seasoning into the crust. Next time I plan on adding more meat and vegetables to fill my husband up more. (He is a meat and potatoes guy doing Keto and cutting back on portions and snacks, sooooooo)
    But this was super yummy and we are definitely adding it to our recipe book
    Cream Cheese < 1 gr
    2 eggs < 1 gr
    Olives 1 gr
    Parmesan Cheese <1 gr
    Mozzarella Cheese 1 gr
    Pepperoni 0 gr
    Mushrooms < 1 gr
    all per serving (hope that helps)

  22. I have made this delicious dish a bunch of times and my husband loves it! He hates the “fathead” type crust so if I want pizza, this is what I make for dinner. Excellent recipe all around.

  23. It is so delicious. We added a pound of seasoned ground deer meat, and used pepperoni. Then added little cheddar with the mozzarella, and I added quite a bit more sauce. You won’t regret the extra sauce. Reminds me of lasagna. Weird that you don’t miss the crust or the noodles.

  24. Just made this, and it was great. Needed to cook crust a bit longer but was very good! Any idea of carb and calorie count?

  25. Hi there! It’s probably right there and I keep missing it, but how many eggs are in this?

    Thanks! Can’t wait to try this!

    1. If you have Fred Meyer/Kroger near you, their Kroger pizza sauce is only 3 carbs per serving, only from tomatoes, no added sweeteners. Saves me from having to make something else. HTH

  26. Made this tonight. Didn't tell my non keto husband what it was made from. He liked it fine. I really liked finding something that helps rid me of pizza craving.Very good!

  27. I made the crustless pizza and it was a huge hit. The first time I made it, I used the 9 x 13 casserole dish. I thought it was to floppy and thin. I made it again and used a 10 x 9 casserole dish. Just the right thickness. I also used low-fat cream cheese instead of the full fat. My toppings were mushroom, and Portuguese sausage (chourico). To reheat it, I use the toaster oven and put it directly on the racks to crisp the bottom a little. My whole office smelled delicious, my coworkers did not believe it was a crustless pizza. The recipe has been shared….Thank you for the great recipes, looking forward to making the lasagna next week.

  28. Mom found this recipe on Facebook but without a link, so I'm glad I found the original. I've been on the Ketogenic way of eating and this is less work than the chicken crust pizza I usually make. Bookmarking and pinning.


  29. Oh my goodness that was so good. Only wish I had made two. I did cook the "crust" a little longer than the directions said and topped it half with pepperoni and half canadian bacon. Then after it was done cooking I turned it to broil for a bit to get the toppings nice and crispy. Will definitely make again. Thanks so much

  30. When I make this, I will line the 9×13 pan with parchment so I can remove it after baking and flip it over so the bottom can brown when I bake the pizza on a pizza stone.

  31. This was awesome! I am on a Keto diet and this is a perfect substitute for pizza. I did have to cook my crust at least 5 minutes longer to get it golden brown before adding the toppings, but after that it was perfect…a delicious and easy thin crust pizza!!! I have tried many other low carb crust options (cauliflower, zucchini, flax meal) and this is by far the closest to the real thing!!! I enjoy these other variations but they are no where close to the real deal and are ALOT more work to make which kind of defeats the purpose when you are in the mood for pizza 😉

  32. This was so good!I only made a half batch, but it now I know how good it is.I will make this often. Just wish I could do pineapple!
    very filling, too.

  33. Is this something you could make in a mu tin and then freeze and put in the overn later when you are ready to eat it?

  34. I made this tonight, and it was really tasty! The "crust" was definitely not crust, however. Too soggy, too wimpy, the only way to pick it up was to hold it on the palm of our hands so the entire piece was supported. I was going to bake it longer, but it wasn't browning but rather burning in spots so I pulled it out at about 20 minutes. I'll be making it again, but with some tweaking using some of the suggestions given in the comments.

  35. This recipe was a hit in my home. My son says he likes this pizza better than "regular" pizza. Last time, I made 2 "crusts". One, I made 1/2 a chicken/bacon/ranch with fresh tomatoes; 1/2 Hawaiian with bbq sauce, pineapple, chicken and bacon. The other crust, I made a basic sausage & pepperoni, but on one half, I added mushrooms and pineapple. I topped with mozzarella and a bit of cheddar. I'll bet you could turn this base (without the garlic) into a delicious dessert, like a fruit pizza or a baked fruit topped dessert, the possibilities are endless.

  36. I'm super excited to try this! I've lost over 22 lbs. on the Metabolism Miracle diet and I must say, pizza is one of the things I miss the most. Usually I just eat the toppings off the crust, so this will be great to try and add to my meal rotation! Thanks again!

  37. So excited about this recipe! I am trying to cut out wheat and I miss a good pizza! Thank you for sharing.

  38. My sister just sent this to me… now I must go shopping… can't wait to try it…along with a gluten free beer… yummy dinner is now planned.. Thansk

  39. Is this crust crunchy? I made a cauliflower crust and did not like the texture of it, so I was hoping this is a little more like real crust. Thanks!

  40. I'd love to try this gluten free recipe to my mom, but her celiac disease comes with lactose intolerance too, so.. cheese is not allowed =(

  41. i make this all the time! I use the Neufecel (sp?) cheese which is very soft and very low in fat or FF CC and it works great. Never eggy always great. If you use full fat i think it is a tad firmer but i dont really care about that so for me it works great. I tell ppl about this recipe all the time 🙂 PC is an amazing place to get great recipes 🙂

  42. Tried it tonight. Was pretty good. I was going to take the crust out of the pan and put it on a pizza tray, but it wouldn't come out cleanly. I think I'll try again next time. Very tasty alternative for pizza.

  43. thank you for this recipe! The crust is actually Cooling as I type… Is there anyway you can post a picture of what the crust is supposed to look like before the toppings are put on it? I'm fairly new to this site I don't know much about it if you could add more pictures… Thank you

  44. Do you think I could cut this in half and make it in a 9×9 pan? I only want to make a meal for 2. Also, what would make a good side dish to go with it?

    1. A 9×9 pan should work fine if you half the recipe. I usually serve salad with pizza. You could also do asparagus.

  45. I made this today also on a gluten free diet..I used soy and gluten free galic and jalopeno cheese. Organic mushroom baby spinach, and greenpepper! Now that was some good pizza! Will definitely make this again!!

  46. I am on a gluten fast and look forward to making this. I don't have a hand mixer – just a standard KitchenAid. Would it work to use that? Would I want to use the wisk attachment? Thank you!

    1. I just mixed my crust ingredients in my nutribullet (I'm sure a blender would work the same).Ive made it twice now and both times it game out great!!

  47. @Jeanne, you have found yourself among people who have learned that the key to weight management without hunger is low carb diets! So most of us agree that since this meal avoids carbs, it is a healthier option. Adding a salad or veggie toppings could make it healthier, but skipping the wheat crust is a good start!

  48. I am on WW so I was afraid to see how many points it would be. If prepared by instructions using all regular, not fat-free products, divide 9×13 baker into six servings points are only 7 per serving. YAY! Happy Dance.

  49. I made this and it came out good. The crust was soft, so I am putting it in the fridge tonight and re-heating tomorrow. Should come out nice and crispy.

    My daughter also loved it! I would like to try a smaller pan for a thicker crust, or double the ingredients 🙂

  50. My husband and I make this too and we are devoted fans! It's amazing, I don't miss the crust at all.

  51. I'm eating this as I type. Very good. I made it as directed. Perfect for anyone on low carb, or avoiding gluten. Good job, Steph!

  52. Actually Jeanne, this recipe will promote weight loss, when used on a low carb diet.

    Do a bit of research before you throw inaccurate info out there. Fat is not unhealthy – grains are.

    "Jeanne said…

    This is a wheat free recipe – it is not a healthy meal, nor would it promote weight loss. But it certainly looks like a good idea for those who are gluten intolerant and crave pizza occasionally."

    1. You are absolutely right Candace. On a low carbohydrate diet that is high in fat you are actually decreasing your risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer's! And the body is able to burn its own fat to decrease body fat percentage. Check out the book Good Calories Bad Calories by Gary Taubes and "Grain Brain" by neurologist Dr. Pearlmutter.

  53. Made with Neufchatel cream cheese worked just fine. Oven quit working so I microwaved it. It came out really good, Just one soft spot. I cut up the crust and put it in the fridge, then put on toppings on for lunch and dinner (taco Pizza) and nuked awesome. Just kept nuking it till It looked done, couple min at a time.

    1. You could make your own low carb pizza sauce. You can easily google one. The crust has no carbs. I make a low carb sauce that has 4g net carbs.

  54. I just made this, and it tastes delicious, like pizza! Next time I try putting it in a larger pan, like another suggested, and definitely cook until it is golden brown. Thank you for posting this recipe! Who knew that cream cheese and a few eggs would made a great pizza crust.

  55. Oh wow! Hubby and I are low carbing and it really felt like we were cheating on the diet. Thank you for this recipe!

  56. My daughter had gastric bypass surgery and can't have grains. She makes this at least once a week, varying the toppings. She has also discovered that after the crust has rested the first 10 minutes, if you cut it into rectangles, sprinkle with parmesan and other cheeses then bake as usual, you have some pretty delcious cheesy 'breadsticks'. Thanks for the recipe!

  57. I tweaked this a bit. I used half the ingredients and spread it into a 10X6 rectangle on a cooking sheet. After it had chilled, I flipped it and placed the toppings on the browned side so the other side could cook some more. It was sorta "pizza-like" but I thought it was too wet to really have a bread mouthfeel. It's a decent option for a low-carb wheat-free pizza….but it's definitely not great.

  58. It was delicious! I used 1/3 less fat CC and baked it longer just like someone above mentioned. I also used weight watcher cheese.

  59. Thank you for sharing this recipe-I made this pizza last night and it's delicious! I really couldn't wrap my mind around an egg and cream cheese based crust-but I followed the advice of another comment and baked it a little longer. Today the leftover refrigerated pizza is even tastier, and the crust is even more like "bread". Yum!! Will make again for sure!

  60. This is a wheat free recipe – it is not a healthy meal, nor would it promote weight loss. But it certainly looks like a good idea for those who are gluten intolerant and crave pizza occasionally.

    1. Actually this is a healthy meal. You are under the assumption that a diet high in saturated fat causes heart disease. The research now says that a diet high in refined carbohydrates/sugar is the culprit not the fat. Yes, it would promote weight loss.a diet high in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbs lowers the insulin response. Insulin drives fat storage. So yes it is healthy.

  61. I just made this with low fat cream cheese it was awesome! I left the "crust" in the oven for about 19mins and let it cool for about 20mins. Other than that I followed it exactly. Even my 4 year old loved it.

  62. I'm going to have to try this! Ya know, another person commented that the taste reminded them of lasagna. You know when you're low carbing it and dying for lasagna? Do you suppose this could be rolled out thin and used for lasagna "noodles'"? Maybe if the dried a bit or were put in a low temp oven? I'm gonna have to play around with this when I'm at that phase if my diet where I can add this stuff again. Thanks for the recipe!

  63. I have to tell u… this is one of my most loved recipes..ever! i dream of this… i am a weight loss surgery person and i make large amounts of this just so i can eat it for breakfast lunch ect for days!!! i am making tonight and can not wait! by the way this is one of my most loved recipe blogs 🙂 u are wonderful!! i pin things and it keeps bringing me back here ..we must have similar taste in food 🙂

  64. Just made this tonight and it is really good. When I compare it to the cauliflower pizza crust this one wins hands down!! I have an OLD oven so I had to bake it longer but it was tasty. I can't have gluten or yeast or sugar so this one's a keeper!! I might try to use it as a base for other dishes, too!

  65. My daughter is on the Ketogenic diet and I think she will love love love this!!!! I can not wait to try this out of her!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

  66. Hi love your site. Tried this, tasted great but crust too soft (even with full fat cream cheese)

    Someone suggested baking the crust then putting it in the fridge to get the sufficient hardness. Then put on the toppings and re-oven.

    Damien (from Sydney)

  67. I made this and thought it was great! My husband loved it too. I had to bake the "crust" a lot longer than the directions stated though….

  68. Made this tonight and it was DELISH!! I live in Africa as a missionary, and didn't have cream cheese available to make it. I substituted Laughing Cow cheese (which can be found in the states too). Even though it is much lower in fat, it turned out perfectly! Thanks for a great recipe!

  69. I've been meaning to try this variation. I'm gluten free and always looking for something new that tastes better than what's available frozen or off the shelves, which I hate to buy.

    Not all cream cheese is Gluten Free, but Philly I know is.

  70. This pizza was very good! I have to admit I was doubting it but this is delicious and allows me to be healthier! Thanks for another great recipe!

  71. This was absolutely delicious. I made this for my family tonight and everyone LOVED it. I would much rather have used a larger pan for a thinner "crust", but no complaints otherwise. We didn't even miss the deep dish crust we get at the national pizza chains. Thank you for this. We're trying to live s healthier lifestyle and recipes like this are a big help!

    1. I really easnt sure which yo use so I freshly grsted some and added a little bit from the pkg. The crust is cooling now. My mouth is waiting and its not easy! Yummmmm!

  72. I haven't tried this with light or fat free cream cheese. I would stay away from fat free cream cheese. I think you need some fat in order for the crust to bake up properly.

    1. Delicious! Definitely cured my craving for pizza!!! Just wish the crust was thicker and firmer but the taste was fantastic!

  73. I, too am excited to try this recipe. It looks amazing! Quick question: would this also work with the light or reduced fat cream cheese, or is the fat needed to form the "crust?"

  74. Tried this tonight! It was excellent except that id hoped for a crisper "crust." Amazing flavor in the no-crust crust, reminded me of lasagna. Im sure you all will enjoy this!! I used sausage and made my own pizza sauce.


    2. You really made a crustless pizza then complained you wanted a crispier crust? 😑 you’re the reason the aliens won’t visit us

  75. I am definitely bookmarking this one! My MIL has celiac so she'd love this pizza!

  76. YEA!!! This is exactly the kind of recipes I've been searching for.

    I'm trying to do the sugarless for life, which means no flour, cornmeal, white potatos and white rice.

    I'm going to try this very soon.

    1. Does anyone happen to know the macros on a slice of this? My son made this pizza tonight and we really enjoyed it. The crust was just firm enough to pick up a slice with your hands. We add pepperoni, bacon, and pineapple (but I avoid the pineapple because of the sugars). Will definitely add to our menu again in the near future.

        1. What a great idea! But unfortunately, without further recipe testing, I cannot answer with certainty. As always, please use your best judgment regarding substitutions and modifications.

    1. I added additional spices which I can only assume helped soaked up some of the liquid. Mine wasn't so funny that it had to be pooured into a dish.

        1. This is a great keto pizza recipe! Super yummy and definitely satisfies pizza craving. The only reason I’m given at four stars is because I’ve made it now at least five times and every time I have to cook the crust double the time it says for it to really get nice and golden and firm so that would be my only thing I think it should be cooked longer, the crust. Other than that it is a great recipe and my whole family loves it♥️

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