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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Taco Burger

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!  Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays;  I think it's a great excuse to go out for margaritas!  I love to brave the crowds at one of the local Mexican restaurants for a few drinks and chips and salsa.

No matter how you plan on celebrating tonight, you must make this Taco Burger.  We started with our favorite burger recipe and added some salsa and taco seasoning.  We topped the burgers with a big slice of Wisconsin cheddar cheese, guacamole and some crushed tortilla chips.  The burger was amazing!  I mean, tacos and burgers all in one - what's not to love?!  This was a fun twist to both taco and burger night!

As part of the Tastemaker program at Foodbuzz, I was given some samples of Lay's new dip creations.  I used the guacamole dip seasoning to make the guacamole.  This was the first time I've made guacamole and it was a breeze.  Chicken Leg's said it was one of the best guacamole dips he's ever had.  I only made a half batch of guacamole, and I tossed the remaining dip mix with the fries.   It added great flavor!  We dipped the fries in a little salsa ketchup.

Taco Burgers
1 lb ground beef
1 egg
3 Tbsp salsa
1 packet taco seasoning
3 slices cheddar cheese
blue corn tortilla chips, crushed
3 hamburger buns

Combine beef, egg, salsa and taco seasoning.  Form into 3 patties.  Grill until desired doneness.  Top with cheddar cheese and allow the cheese to melt.  Top burger with guacamole and crushed blue corn tortilla chips.

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  1. Looks yummy! Love anything topped with guacamole:)

  2. What a cleaver idea to use taco seasoning in this yummy looking burger!

  3. a few drinks, late at night, ok, I'll try it.

  4. I could not wait to see what you did for Cinco de mayo! You are awesome!!!

  5. This looks and sounds delicious. Your blog makes me happy every time I look at it. I'm a fan!


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