There is so much to choose from when it comes to desserts it’s hard to pick one.  My husband likes everything so I decided I would let him pick 4 here to lure you in to looking/researching/making our tasty treats.  So here goes.  YIKES!

In the words of Chicken Legs (blog name):

If you like lemon you have to try this Lemon Eclair Cake.  Steph said it’s no bake so it’s easy to make and is unbelievably good.  I love it, and think you will too.  I am a self-proclaimed Cookie Monster and these White Trash Cookies are a must.  White chocolate, toffee bits, chocolate chips, pretzels.  Yes please!  I had to pick a pecan pie and this was hard because I love them all.  Yes, there are several.  But I chose Grits Pecan Pie.  Sounds weird, but I beg you to make this.  It does not disappoint.  Finally, the Cookies & Cream Tres Leches Cake is an all-timer.  I even request this one for my birthday.  It’s that good.

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