Turkey is a great protein that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.  It really doesn’t get much attention until the holidays roll around.  So whether its Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, a turkey is usually the food of choice for the big family meal.  But you can have turkey throughout the year and I have several recipes that show you all the possibilities of this great meat.

Try the Air Fryer Turkey Breast for a turkey dinner that you won’t believe was so easy to make.  If you want a great turkey meal but don’t want the hassle of cooking a whole bird in the oven, this recipe is perfect.  How about a fantastic Kentucky Hot Brown Quiche loaded with Swiss cheese, bacon, turkey, and tomatoes.  Or maybe a great party plate of Puffy Club Sandwiches.  These fun version of club sandwiches are made with pastry puff.  These are Awesome!

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