Bread is one of those buzz words now.  Some people love it and eat it, while others just stay away.  Me, there is no way I can stay away from bread and I have some recipes that will make you not even care about the carbs!

The first one I would like to share is the Brazilian Cheese Bread.  This is absolutely fantastic!  You will find it sometimes in the upscale steak houses and the best part is it is GLUTEN FREE.  How about a staple in the South that goes great with a variety of main dishes and everyone enjoys with Southern Cornbread.  I absolutely love Italian food and can’t get enough of these delicious Parmesan Knots.  How about a bread that also doubles as an appetizer with our Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls.  Unbelievable!!  And you can never go wrong with these Easy 7UP Biscuits.

Sweet & Buttery Cornbread

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Long Boy Burger Bites

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